Renovations can add value to a home, but they may not add as much value as anticipated, and might even backfire.


Swimming pools.

These are an expensive investment, but they don’t add value to the home. A few buyers like the idea of a swimming pool, but most consider the maintenance and cost too great. And even those who are attracted to the house with a pool will not pay much more for the facility. Only add a pool if you will use it yourself. They will not add value to the house.


Things that cannot be seen.

Internal heating, insulation, new air-conditioning …etc. don’t impress people. It might sound good on the list of features, and a comfortable house might make a good impression on an extreme winter or summer day. But for the most part an invisible renovation is a minor feature, and won’t increase the price by much.


Home Renovations

If your DIY is top notch then the price of the house might take a step up, though you need to remember the amount of work put into these improvements. But if the DIY renovations have any fault they actually work against the asking price.


Fancy Bathrooms

These will add value, but not in proportion to the cost. Make sure the bathroom is neat and fully functional. Beyond this you will be spending a lot of money for a minimal increase in asking price.


High end landscaping

Again, this will increase the asking price by a moderate amount, but you are unlikely to recoup the money you spent. Real estate Photo Editing should give your garden a nice summer day appeal, so the prospective buyer sees the potential. But anything beyond moderate landscaping will yield minimal improvement.


Real estate Photo Editing

Real Estate Photo Retouching Services can make you house look is best, but they cannot compensate for poor investment decisions. Real Estate Photo Retouching gets the best looking photos of a property, but a property won’t sell, or it won’t reach the asking price, if a bad renovation decision has been made.