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Selective School Carlingford

Both selective schools and Opportunity classes select students on their academic ability, or at least by a test that purportedly hopes to measure academic ability. No test is perfect, and it is unfortunate that individuals with potential sometimes miss an opportunity. This can be remedied by taking a different approach to education, by tutoring, and by improving the language skills needed to effectively communicate academic ability.


OC Carlingford

Opportunity classes select the more academically capable students. Placement in these classes is an indication of some ability. It is a fair indication of the potential to enter a selective school, but certainly not a guarantee. Students in these classes might benefit from further, external tutoring.


Tutoring Epping

If you suspect a child has ability that is not being recognized, or that their school results do not indicate their true ability, then coaching, tutoring or other education supplementation might be useful.

A child with potential will show at least some of the following:

  • Has advanced language skill, whether in English or another language spoke at home
  • The child reads a great deal, by its own choice
  • The child has a considerable vocabulary
  • Learns rapidly and acquires new concepts
  • Show superior memory skills
  • Is capable of being independent.
  • Shows a higher degree of social responsibility and moral reasoning that its peers.
  • Demonstrates some leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Can recognize meaningful patterns in what it sees
  • Can be highly motivated, at least in task that it find interesting.
  • Shows insight and intuition.
  • Show problem solving abilities
  • Demonstrates curiosity and asks insightful questions.
  • Demonstrates a sense of humour
  • Has advanced and unusual interests,


Tutoring North Rocks

Children with potential can greatly benefit from the right tutoring. Some may perform poorly as school as they are bored or because the conventional approach is simply wrong for them. Consider tutoring for a child, and you may find the investment gives them better educational opportunities in the future.