Dental visits are sometime avoided due to the cost, with about 20% of individuals citing this as a reason for not seeking or delaying treatment.

People sometime delay or avoid dental treatment due to cost or inconvenience. This is much more frequent for those in low income situations, occurring with about 28% of these people. People with high incomes only cited cost as a factor in 12% of cases. Those living in rural areas sometime avoided treatment due to travel times and the extra cost (with lost time and income) incurred.


Wisdom Teeth Removal North Rocks

Wisdom teeth appear in most young adults, and often need to be removed as the mouth become overcrowded. This can be delayed for some individuals, though they will endure some pain or discomfort. In a few cases problem wisdom teeth can lead to extreme or life threatening issues. Treatment is essential.


North Rocks braces

Braces can be fitted at any age once the adult teeth are in place. Understandably some individuals will wait till they have the finances to pay for the treatment. But the earlier a person has their teeth straightened the longer they can enjoy the benefits.


North Rocks dentist

Dental treatment is often essential for good health, though sometimes just beneficial for appearance sake. But it is always advisable to have treatment as soon as possible. The sooner a problem is addressed the less difficult it is to repair. This also tends to make it less expensive. Always have dental issues treated as soon as possible.