Self Defence for Women Sydney






How to avoid many Confrontations.

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Keep a note of where police, petrol stations, phones and other facilities are. You may have to escape there. Look for somewhere to flee in an emergency.
  • Check any situation before you enter it, even if you have been there many times before. It is too easy to walk into a convenience store and then see it is being held up. With luck, you might even help someone else who is in trouble.
  • Don’t walk around listening to music or talking on the phone. This is a distraction, and you need to be aware of your surroundings.
  • Keep a distance from other people. This means all strangers, not just those who look suspicious. People with an honest face are sometime the worst criminals.
  • Never accept help from strangers. In infant school we learnt not to accept lifts from strangers. Serial killers have used this technique. Criminals will be cunning.
  • Walk wide around corners so you don’t get jumped. Walk wide around any blind spot.
  • If your car has a flat tire, either wait for the service repair truck or drive somewhere safe.
  • Never let a stranger in the house. Even children are used by criminals to get through the front door. If they want to use the phone to call the police, make the call for them.
  • If a criminal just wants your money, give it to them. No amount of money is worth even a moderate injury.
  • Self Defence classes can be useful for many women. The right techniques give you a better chance of overcoming your attacker, hopefully without causing legal problems.


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Exhibition Stand Displays Sydney

No medium imposes too many restrictions. It is our ability to be creative within the confines of a certain situation that counts. There are those who believe that the restrictions are necessary for creativity; without restrictions we might have nothing but blank space. This applies as much to commercial design as it does to art.


Exhibition Stand Displays Sydney               

If we have to design a display we have a certain amount of space to work within, and a certain product or service to promote. We usually have a huge selection of colours, and other aspects of the design are virtually unlimited. As long as we can make something that conveys the right message and fits all its elements together coherently, then we have at least some worthy ideas.


Inspire Creative thoughts

  • Get up early in the morning. If you have some creative ideas left over from dreams, write them down. If not, early rising is still an advantage. We seem to be far less prone to being stuck in a rut.
  • Avoid routines. Our brains tend to solve problems by themselves, but this can work against us. Today’s rut was the solutions to yesterday’s problem, and it was quite creative the first time we thought of it.
  • Stress is a mixed blessing. It can force us to be creative, or cause us to be paralysed. Yet it can be a change from routine, as long as the routine was not the cause of the stress.
  • Learn to entertain ideas for the sake of farfetched possibilities. If you entertain enough ideas you will probably find a few that work. You might also be frustrated at having to choose between several equally good options.
  • Keep taking notes. Ideas occur at the oddest moments. It is infuriating to lose an idea because you though you could remember it.
  • Keep the restrictions of the situation in mind. These are the framework in which to work.


Exhibition Booth Displays Sydney  

  • Consider if you have a Row booth, Corner booth, End booth, or an Island booth.
  • Display booths can be completely open, partly obscured by signs, or the type of enclosed booth that the visitor has to enter. The first type are open and inviting, the second type can have some sense of mystery or exclusivity.
  • Consider adding some lights, including colours.
  • Moving items, even just a video on a monitor, has far more impact than static displays.
  • Push button activities are often worthwhile.
  • Once you know the location and type of booth you will have, imagine the ultimate set up in that situation.


Pop Up Exhibition Displays Sydney

Pop up displays are quite portable, and with a decent design they are quite versatile. Adding a few of these to a display booth can make all the difference. Alternately, a desk with a few pop up displays is almost a booth.


悉尼机场接送行业中,EasyGo已经为华人社区服务了数十年,并且获得了中肯的评价,但是EasyGo的服务范围不仅仅是悉尼机场接送,我们拥有各式各样的巴士和轿车,可以提供游轮接送,婚礼举办车队,还有演唱会接送服务。谈起演唱会服务,相信大家都知道随着华人近年来移民澳洲的数量不断增加,越来越多的华人歌星选择在悉尼举行演唱会,但是,演唱会的举办地除了Qantas Credict Union Arena在市区之外,All Phones Arena, ANZ Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park Sports Center都是在奥林匹克公园的附近,奥林匹克公寓虽然有火车站在附近,但是素有围城之称,也就是每当人流大量聚集或者离开的时候,都会产生巨大车流人流,DFO HOMBUSH环形岛更被成为悉尼最拥挤的交通黑点,没有之一,奥运走廊变成了拥挤走廊,并且奥林匹克公园的火车站每当人流聚散,都会出现大面积拥挤,而且奥林匹克公园的公共巴士也相当稀少,难以满足市民的需求。

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如果你想和朋友们一起去演唱会,EasyGo的租车服务会是你们最好的选择,我们 EasyGo有BusLane的使用权,可以让您相对便捷地离开交通黑点,并且有舒适的座位和洁净的环境,让您能更快更便捷地前往演唱会。

选择Easy Go,选择最快捷,性价比最高的服务,订座热线:+61 0412 342 089

Considerations for A Wooden Floor






Timber Floors Perth

Room décor may not concentrate on the floor; it is often something else that is the centre of focus. But flooring is always important, and the wrong floor will certainly ruin the look of a well-designed room. Consider this when making your decision.


Solid Timber Flooring Perth

If the Room tends to have heavy traffic it will benefit from hardwood floors. Few other materials will take the type of abuse that a solid hardwood floor will withstand.


Floor sanding Perth

Solid, heavy duty wooden flooring will last for decades, but it will need a sanding every 10 years or so if you want to keep it looking optimal. Hire a floor sander Perth has known for many years and you be guaranteed a good result.


Overall Room Decor

If you value appearance there are many flooring options. Few people design the décor around the floor, so it is best to put in a floor that suit the décor you like. Often this can simply be the right colour. Else, you might like surface patterns or a softer feel underfoot.


Laminate Flooring Perth

Laminate flooring basically lets you have any pattern printed and used as a floorboard. Stone and timber are popular, but there are also other options; find something that suits the room. The surface above the laminate is durable enough to last for many years in the average home.


When it comes to Laminate Timber Flooring Perth has a climate that allows any option. We do not have to worry too much about moisture or rot. Choose anything that suits you sense of style.


Floating TimberFloors Perth

These floors are not permanently attached to the surface underneath. As such, they are easy to repair; sections can be easily replaced. If you consider a floating timber floors Perth supplies are often suitable for DIY projects.


Bamboo Flooring Perth

This has steadily become a popular trend over the last few years. Bamboo is easily renewable and can be treated to look like many other types of timber. When deciding on bamboo flooring Perth shoppers should look for products grown for 6-7 years minimum, not easily scratched, and not prone to emitting volatile chemicals like formaldehyde.

Adverting Sign Advice

Advertising needs to effectively tell people about your products and services. The method for doing this varies with the medium, but there are patterns within each medium and some overall advice that applies to all advertising.

  • Brevity and conciseness – Perhaps the common feature of all good advertising- conveying the essential information in as little space as possible.

Many people or different ages and cultural backgrounds will see your sign. They might see it day or night, from a moving vehicle or while partly distracted. If the sign cannot be grasped in one glance the effect is lost. Convey only what you need to get the customer’s attention. They might come in closer for more information, like a phone number, but unless you catch their attention they won’t come that far.

  • Less-is-More – You don’t want to cut down on what you have to say, not if it is essential information. The idea is to convey more information with less space. Use colour, image, space, 3D design and text to show what might take many pages of words to explain.
  • Appreciate First Focus What first draws somebody’s attention to a sign? If it is the company logo you are probably on the right track. Else, the point the customer sees first should be the point you want to convey.
  • Impressions- People will judge your company on its external appearance, which includes your advertising and signs. This can work even if they do not know your line of business; the sign can look formal, light-hearted or serious. Have a sign design that instantansously shows the type of attitude you want your company to live up to, and then fulfil the customer’s expectations.
  • Originallity – No formula will work for originality. But we do know that overfamiliar sights tends to get overlooked. If your advertising campaign looks like a street sign or safety warning you will probably not be noticed, unless you happen to have a product and a context that suits this.


Pull-up Banners Sydney

The ultimate in convenience and storage, these are large enough to make an impression, and fold up to a package that can be carried under one arm.


Posters Sydney         

You can say a little more with a poster than you can with other mediums. As long as the poster can have an overall effect that a viewer takes in a glance it is acceptable to have more information available on closer inspection.


Stickers Sydney        

Stickers really do have a minimal amount of space. Use a sticker to convey a logo and a slogan; apart from contact details they cannot carry too much more. This can be an advantage- the minimal information can have a sense of mystery, and the viewer might want to know more.


Marquees Sydney     

The size of a marquee does make a bold statement, but do not be tempted to make things too elaborate. Big and bold are better served with minimal text, and everything else conveyed with logos and the right colours. Despite the space this is not the place for elaborate details.


作為悉尼華人圈中巴士接送行業的佼佼者,Anytimes Shuttle擁有全方位的服務,其中包括悉尼機場巴士接送服務,私人專享的悉尼機場私人接送服務,婚禮和公司活動服務,還有悉尼遊輪接送服務等等。我們提供點對點的機場服務,我們覆蓋的地區包括:Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill, Kellyville, Blacktown, Parramatta, Ryde, Penrith, Mt Druitt, Chatswood, Hornsby 和其他靠近悉尼市區的市鎮。當您和您的家人或者同事朋友出外旅遊,又不想被團友打擾,我們提供專門的私人定制服務,專車接送,專車服務僅僅比普通巴士服務費貴三十澳元。


除此之外,我們還提供遊輪接送服務,在未來的三個月內,大量的豪華郵輪,如帝王公主號將如期光臨悉尼,作為歐洲最大的遊輪之一,怎能錯過從悉尼上船/下船觀光的機會?我們Anytimes Shuttle可以提供頻繁的班次讓您可以及時遊輪check in,也可以接送遊客從遊輪-機場,讓遊客享受賓至如歸的服務態度。在悉尼下船也遊客,不僅可以享受我們的悉尼機場接送服務,還可以參加我們的悉尼一日遊服務,讓您充分瀏覽悉尼的人文地理和優美的自然風光。





Acupuncture for Pregnancy






Pregnancy Acupuncture Sydney

There are many complex issues with our healthy functioning, and many more when it comes to having children. Yet sometimes the solution to ostensibly complex problems is a simple missing ingredient; people can find dehydration or lack of an essential nutrient was the cause of an ongoing issue. At other times we just need a general boost in energy.


Pregnancy can be difficult if the body is not at its optimum. It can be difficult to get pregnant, it can be difficult to deal with the morning sickness and side effects, and there is always concern for carrying the pregnancy to term. Good diet and exercise improve our lives at every level, but we may also benefit from acupuncture. Acupuncture aims to bring our body into the best possible balance, making us able to deal with whatever situations we find ourselves in. If we are fully healthy and balanced there is a significantly greater chance of a deliberate and successful pregnancy.


IVF Acupuncture Sydney

IVF can successfully deal with an individual woman’s inability to conceive a child, but it often takes many attempts. Acupuncture can increase the chances of successful conception and birth, meaning fewer IVF treatments are required. Mature age women who usually have the hardest time conceiving seem to have slightly greater benefits from combining acupuncture and IVF treatment.


Acupuncture Sydney

Acupuncture works like adaptogens – it makes us better at handling all health issues, even mental ones. Talk to MJ clinic in Sydney. Whether It’s daily stress or the desire for children, acupuncture might provide the missing element.


在2016年8月1日后,纸质的公交票正式在NSW全面停售,取而代之的是在自动售票机贩卖给游客的Opal Single Trip Card,这种Opal Single Trip Card只在自动售票机购买,不能在火车站服务台购买或者更换,极其不便,并且售票机故障是经常的事情,无票可买,又想搭公共交通的乘客可以说在悉尼寸步难行,相反,我们的Anytime Shuttle 既可以电话和网上预定位置,也可以支持网上和面对面交易,省略了买票的麻烦,并且拥有比公共交通快得多的私人巴士或者轿车,能让作为旅客的您更快到达目的地,我们拥有经验丰富的司机,能更好得带您去欣赏新南威尔士州的风景人文。


另外,这种Single Trip Card跟NSW居民使用的Opal Card不一样,不会拥有30%折扣的peak off时间段优惠,比Opal Card的peak time价格还要贵上20%,如果算上机场进出费,对于刚来悉尼来不及申请Opal Card的游客来说极其昂贵,而作为舒适的机场巴士比起昂贵的公共交通,其性价比更加高。而且Opal Card不仅售票机出错,而且扣费也经常出错多扣费,车站工作人员不能为您解决错误,而且繁忙的客服让你索要退款的请求难上加难。相反,Anytime Shuttle的价格公道,绝对不会乱收费,扣费合理,如果错扣款,我们的客服可以随时为您服务。

选择Anytime Shuttle,选择愉快轻松的悉尼旅程。

Self Defence






Self Defence for women Sydney

  • In any situation the best advice it to stay level headed. A person who can think clearly on their feet always has an advantage. Of course this is easier said than done; we don’t know how we react till we find ourselves in such a situation. Breathing techniques help, as will familiarity with stressful situations. If you have been use to adrenaline before you are partly familiar with the situation.
  • Blocking a hit can actually work against you. An attacker expects to hit you or be blocked. If you can fend off the attack and dodge them you confuse their expectations, at least to a small extent.
  • Move the body. Standing still is a mistake. If you are knocked to the ground, keep moving and try to trip them.
  • If you have to attack, confuse them by hitting from all directions. Tripping them up helps. Anything that confuses them is an advantage.
  • Keep the confrontation as short as possible. If you prolong it by just defending yourself you give them more opportunities to land a successful punch. Attack and then get away,
  • Don’t hit their mouth. You are just as likely to damage your hand as damage them; and you don’t want your hands damaged as you need then to fight. Hitting the opponent’s mouth will probably give your hand an open cut.


If you have some self-defence training you may find you respond out of instinct. The best techniques in the world are wasted if you freeze up in a conflict. But if you are used to sparring and the adrenaline rush you will handle the situation better. Some people find they develop a reflex for responding to a situation. This is what you need when seriously provoked- responding before you have a chance to feel fear.