Purchasing any jewellery can be an involved process. Sometimes we don’t notice this if we are enjoying ourselves. At other times we find it stressful because of the importance we put on the jewellery or the event it is attached to. Having multiple options should help the process, and should help us find the particular piece that suits us. But sometimes there is agony in too much choice.


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There are many occasions where people purchase jewellery. One common to most people is during the time preceding a wedding. Wedding and engagement rings almost always include diamonds. They are hopefully a once in a lifetime purchase, and something the groom and bride will put considerable though into.


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Almost everybody purchasing a wedding or engagement ring is doing so for the first time. Yet many people have been anticipating the ring they want for their entire life. Often people have a simple idea for a design – a particular gemstone they like on a gold band. But they are unfamiliar with the different ways to mount the stone, or the many other design options available.


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Those intending to purchase a wedding or engagement ring would do well to familiarise themselves with all the options available. Twisted bands, halo settings, matching wedding rings, curved bands, engagement and wedding rings that fit together; these are all possibilities. It is terrible to feel afterwards that there was another option that might have been preferable. As the same time, there will always be more possibilities than we can expect to have.


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The cost of a ready-made ring is always greater than the cost of the gemstone and other parts. The construction quality and craftsmanship is often quite high, but the mark-up is considerable. It is far more cost effective to choose a particularity good gemstone and have it set. Premade rings are a good indication of the different possibilities available. We recommend finding the type of designs you like, and having a ring made to suit your preferences.


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Purchasing a wholesale diamond and having it set allows for a well-crafted ring to be made for about half the price of a similar retail ring.


“钻石的恒久,象征着爱情的不渝”,在这订婚的喜庆之际,请允许D’Arum 为您添上一份惊喜并献上最真诚的祝福。作为澳洲悉尼最大的珠宝商,D’Arum 的订婚戒指系列专为完美的伴侣定制。D’Arum 的钻石可谓是大自然的奇迹,就好像你和他的完美结合。在D’Arum 我们知道订婚对于情侣们的重大意义,所有我们的专家为您挑选最高品质的钻石,并打造成最完美的订婚戒指,那已不再只是一件简单的珠宝,而是一件充满真情的艺术作品,您一生的朋友。D’Arum 订婚戒指系列是有情人的最佳选择。


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Tradition holds that the left ring finger has a vein that runs straight to the individual’s heart. There is no actual scientific foundation to this belief, but the habit caught on in some cultures. Other cultures used different fingers, and some moved the engagement ring from the left to the right hand as part of the wedding ceremony.

The tradition that connects weddings and engagements to rings may have started with the ancient Egyptians, though this is uncertain. Weddings and rings were a tradition by the time of the Romans.

The modern tradition is for a ring to be worth three months of a prospective groom’s salary (some sources say one or two months). This is not an ancient tradition, however; the link between diamonds and engagements only became strongly connected in the early to mid-20th century, part of the way diamonds were marketed. The ‘diamonds are forever’ and number of month’s salary notions were later part of the ongoing campaign. The tradition looks to have caught on, however, at least for the time being.

The most common month for a proposal is December, though the most common day is Valentine’s Day. About 60% of brides help choose their own ring.

Many Diamonds will exhibit a glow under a UV light; they glow in the dark for a few seconds after being exposed to a UV light source. Unfortunately this is an unreliable test as some not all diamonds react in the same way.

Older tradition had it that the woman kept the ring if the engagement was cancelled. This varied depending on who initiated the breakup. If the man broke off the engagement the woman had the ring as partial compensation. The woman could not keep the ring if she ended the relationship before the wedding. This as least prevented individuals exploiting the situation by accepting and then rejecting the proposal while keeping the ring.

Modern legal systems tend to view the engagement ring as a conditional gift, something which must be returned to the male irrespective of which partner called off the wedding. This is sometime contested if the ring was given on Christmas or other traditional gift giving occasion.

Your ideal engagement ring in Sydney CBD can either be bought or made from a diamond purchased wholesale. Wholesale diamonds represent the most economical way to obtain a truly high quality gemstone.