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Modern society was forced to add chemical and preservative to food in order for products to survive the transportation and storage needs for modern cities. The effects of these various chemicals have been of great concern for the past generation or two. Here we will look at the impact they might have on teeth,


Fluoride: There is some controversy here, but this has to do with ingesting fluoride. It may cause health problems if we drink/eat too much, but it is good for the teeth. Apply fluoride to the teeth, but avoid swallowing it.

Fluoride has been added to tap drinking water for many decades as it has been shown to reduce dental problems. It has become less used following the trend towards bottled water. The amount consumed via tap water is fairly low.

Green Tea: This seems to have great general health benefits, but some of the catechins in green tea combat oral plaque, bacteria and bad breath. Having noticed the positive research a few companies have started to market green tea mouthwash.

Oils like Peppermint, wintergreen or powders like cinnamon will both effectively fight dental problems and give better breath.  These are natural, and seem to have been known centuries ago for their oral benefit.

Home Made toothpaste. Try mixing baking soda, sea salt, Hydrogen Peroxide, coconut oil, and some of the natural oils listed above.


Avoid any toothpaste with artificial sweeteners. This can be hidden as chemical names or numbers; you will have to do some internet research.  These just tend to be bad for health, even if not directly for teeth, and are linked to many allergies. Why toothpaste needs sweetening is questionable; presumably the sweeter product sells better.  Xylitol is a semi exception here. As small quantities appear in natural food it is not really artificial; so far it seems to be safe and healthy.8

Do not swallow toothpaste or dental treatments. Even the best products, containing useful ingredients, are harmful in any sizable quantity. Fluoride is of great benefit to teeth, but can cause health problems for the rest of the body.

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