Did you hear about the new martial art video? It’s a hit and a blockbuster.

What do martial artists drink parties? Punch, with a little kick in it.

Never interrupt a Judo expert on the phone; he’ll put you on hold.

Tai Chi was very slow in becoming popular, but that’s appropriate for Tai Chi.

What do you call a novice martial artist? A partial artist.

What do karate students and rabbits have in common? They are all karatekas (… carrot takers !!!)

What is Deju Fu? The feeling you have been attacked like this before.

Origami is a very safe martial art, provided you use paper and not people.

Of all the martial arts Karaoke is the most painful to listen to.

Enlightenment comes from discovering your weaknesses; victory from discovering you opponent’s weaknesses.

Interested in Martial art?  Google Taekwondo or tkd and see why others are interested too.

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