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The orthokeratology treatment reshapes the front of the eye.

It is misleading to think that the lenses physically push the eye into the correct shape. Rather, the hydrostatic pressure induced between the lens and the surface of the eye causes the reshaping. Fluid dynamics in the eye cause a redistribution of the cells on the surface of the cornea, reshaping the eye and slightly adjusting the focus.


Myopia Control Sydney

The exact adjustment of the cornea for correct vision needs to be very precise. That is why several visits are often required. Once the correct amount of adjustment is found the treatment tends to be quite stable. Continued use will not only allow near optimal vision, it will prevent the underlying myopia from becoming worse.


Keratoconus Optometrist Sydney

Orthokeratology is particularity well suited to Keratoconus issues. Keratoconus has a misshapen cornea due to fluid pressure. Orthokeratology corrects misshapen corneas, partly by working with fluid pressure. As such, this particular treatment is well suited to the particular vision impairment. There are only concerns when the impairment is extreme.


Ortho K Sydney Optometrist

Orthokeratology is idea for minor short sightedness through to Keratoconus vision problems. Talk to your optometrist about any vision problems. For Keratoconus Sydney optometrist Centre Eyes at Neutral Bay is highly recommended.