Tradition holds that the left ring finger has a vein that runs straight to the individual’s heart. There is no actual scientific foundation to this belief, but the habit caught on in some cultures. Other cultures used different fingers, and some moved the engagement ring from the left to the right hand as part of the wedding ceremony.

The tradition that connects weddings and engagements to rings may have started with the ancient Egyptians, though this is uncertain. Weddings and rings were a tradition by the time of the Romans.

The modern tradition is for a ring to be worth three months of a prospective groom’s salary (some sources say one or two months). This is not an ancient tradition, however; the link between diamonds and engagements only became strongly connected in the early to mid-20th century, part of the way diamonds were marketed. The ‘diamonds are forever’ and number of month’s salary notions were later part of the ongoing campaign. The tradition looks to have caught on, however, at least for the time being.

The most common month for a proposal is December, though the most common day is Valentine’s Day. About 60% of brides help choose their own ring.

Many Diamonds will exhibit a glow under a UV light; they glow in the dark for a few seconds after being exposed to a UV light source. Unfortunately this is an unreliable test as some not all diamonds react in the same way.

Older tradition had it that the woman kept the ring if the engagement was cancelled. This varied depending on who initiated the breakup. If the man broke off the engagement the woman had the ring as partial compensation. The woman could not keep the ring if she ended the relationship before the wedding. This as least prevented individuals exploiting the situation by accepting and then rejecting the proposal while keeping the ring.

Modern legal systems tend to view the engagement ring as a conditional gift, something which must be returned to the male irrespective of which partner called off the wedding. This is sometime contested if the ring was given on Christmas or other traditional gift giving occasion.

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