How often to clean a Strata complex?

This will depend on so many factors. A few things to consider are?

  • The Number or residents. It is a little over-simplistic to say that more resident’s means more dirt being tracked into the place, but dirt is being bought in by the residents and their occasional guests. Children might track more dirt; a few individuals hardly cause any problems. At the most you might get a cleaning in on common areas once per day. Once per day is about the upper limit, even if more traffic does come in.
  • Some strata allow pets, others do not. Cleaning and hygiene are the main issues here, though noise can also be an issue. Some pets stay in the apartment and are all but unseen, but dogs, cats and other animals that wander around unattended will require at least some cleaning.
  • Weather conditions. Rain will cause common areas to accumulate mud, and untreated areas can develop mould and other issues in the damp. Consider more frequent cleaning during wetter month. Snow and dust are almost non-existent problems for Sydney strata cleaning services, but weather will affect cleaning situations.
  • The Strata Status. If you are a prestige group the residents will expect pristine conditions every day. Don’t be fooled; if people believe they are paying for luxury they will complain if it is ever compromised. The extra cost of the luxury strata is expected to go on cleaning and upkeep.

Arranging and Planning Cleaning

It is perfectly normal to have some areas cleaned daily and some cleaned weekly. Efficient approaches look at the situation, look at the problem areas, and produce an appropriate cleaning program.

Budgets are never unlimited; find the areas that need constant attention and the areas that that only need occasional touch-ups, and arrange accordingly. Talk to the strata cleaning service who have experience in other Sydney apartment blocks. Past experience will lead to some solid advice.