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A Few Hair Myths, or Half Truths.

Lemon lightens hair

Well, it can lighten hair when left in the Sun. It’s just rather harsh, and you will probably have dry, tangled hair. There are better methods.

Pulling Out a Grey Hair Causes More to Grow

No really, though it might seem that way because your hair is slowly going grey. We wish more hair would grow by plucking; really, the other hairs are just fading.

Shaving Makes Hair Grow Back Thicker

Again, it only seems that way. There are two overlapping factors here – Hair on your body will slowly thicken to bristle over time; this happen whether you shave it or not. Eventually you will have thickish body hair no matter what you do, but once it reaches a certain point it won’t get any thicker. The other factor is that newly shaved hair has a solid end rather than a fine taper, so it looks thicker. That being said, hair removal creams seem to give thinner regrowth than shaving.

Cutting Hair Makes it Grow Faster

Again, a myth. You should keep it trimmed if the style requires it. A good diet and hair tonics can make hair grow faster, but cutting is not a factor.

Freshly Wash Hair for Styling.

Strangely, hair seems to hold treatments a little better when it is not quite clean. But it is no goog unclean. Hair that was washed a day ago seems the best option. Try washing it often with the absolute minimum in shampoo, keeping just enough natural oil to work well.

Brush 100 times before Bed.

Many generations ago women did this to get rid of excess oil. Now we have shampoo to do this in a much better way. Women used to wash with soap or detergents, and then have ways to compensate for this. Today we no longer need to fix the side effects of oil, we just need a decent shampoo.

Rinse In Vinegar for a Shine

Again, compensating for an earlier limitation. Older shampoos use to be alkaline; vinegar helped to neutralize this. Now shampoos is ph. balanced, so we don’t need to fix anything,

A Cold Rinse is Good for Shiny Hair

Actually this one seems to work. Cold air drying also seems to be good. This might be because the heat opens the pores to prevent more oil from being released; else it might be a myth.

Changing Shampoo will Prevent Tolerances

For hair this seems to be a myth. Your body will build up tolerances to some substances, but it will also require other in order to function correctly. Hair doesn’t seem to build tolerances to products, though caffeine shampoo just might change that.

Talk to your hair Styling Sydney CBD salon if you have any questions.