People and technology interact in unpredictable ways. We never are quite sure if a new product will catch on, if it will be used as intended, or if it will cause unexpected reactions or side-effects.

Mobile phones are here to stay, even as a few people have issues with overuse or avoidance.



This one is unique to the mobile phone age, though the concept is not too far removed from dependency issues. Sufferers of nomophobia cannot stand to be out of mobile phone contact, and will grow anxious or panic if they lose reception, lose their phone device, or if their mobile battery runs flat. Symptoms are literally physical, with heart and perspiration increasing when phone contact is even temporarily lost.

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De Quervain syndrome –

This is an injury involving the thumb and wrist. The tendons in the hand that control the movement of the thumb become painful, and the base of the thumb swells.

De Quervain syndrome was discovered late in the 19th century, and thought to be a form of repetitive stain injury- repeatedly using the hands in a way that is harmful. The fact that people who use their thumbs to type on a portable device seem more prone to the injury suggest this repetitive strain theory is valid.

Correct use of the fingers to type should prevent this serious ailment.


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While mobile phones are often replaced every few years they do sometime require repair. If your phone has suffered an accident, or if there is some inexplicable malfunction, we can set things right.


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iPhones remain a market leader, making nearly half the smartphones in circulation and being the standard that other based their design upon. If you iPhone does need repair we are qualified and fully authorized to undertake repairs.


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