Hints For a Heathier Life






Eating a better diet makes all the difference. Even if we only feel a slight improvement it is worth the effort.  A healthier system improves every aspect of our life.


Make things convenient for yourself.

People often complain they don’t have the time, which is a semi-valid issue. Or else, they have trouble motivating themselves. But this is our heath we are taking about; making time to improve our health means we can do everything else a little better.


Try preparing things to use beforehand. Cut up some vegetables and fruit and leave them in the fridge ready to be blended in the morning. You may feel this is a lot of trouble in the morning, but if it’s ready to go you find there is minimal effort. Drinking some vegetable/fruit juice in the morning is a solid way to improve your health.


Most processes food is of poor quality, the exceptions being foods specifically designed to be healthy. Superfoods smoothie mix is made from organic ingredients, and is free from preservatives. This avoids all the problems associated with other convenient foods.


Superfood Smoothies Australia

Order some superfoods smoothie online and have them ready to use at home, work, in the car or carry one in the purse/briefcase. Avoid bad snaking habits by having a better option with you at all times.

The Most Popular Korean Dishes






According to a few travel surveys the most popular Korean dishes, at least with visitors to the country, include:



Resembling Japanese Sushi this dish is half familiar to modern westerners, though it probably would have been considered strange before the 1980s. It did in fact develop from the Japanese seaweed roll, but the ingredients are Korean. Perhaps a little unadventurous, this is tasty in all its different varieties.



This lunch-in-a-bowl was once a royal dish, but now the common people can eat like kings! It is a simple yet healthy mix of rice, vegetables, beef and egg, with a little sesame oil and chilli paste.



Soy sauce may be ubiquitous in Asian food, but it is actually a by-product of Doenjang. This is not a food insolation but a paste included in many other dishes. If you approach it like vegemite you will soon understand the appeal.


Haemul Pajeon

Somewhere between an omelette and a pancake, with the toppings from a pizza. There is nothing unfamiliar about any of these things, but the combination is rather unique.



This is simply leafy vegetables wrapped around a filling, usually pork. A pleasant combination.



This is a staple food in Korean, and the national dish. It may not be the single most popular dish with tourists, but it comes very close. As spicy tasting cuisine is fairly universal, along with fermentation, so this popularity should not be too surprising. The benefits Kimchi provides to our immune system are a bonus.


Korean Buffet Sydney

Any Korean barbecue Sydney has, or any Korean Buffet, should have all these dishes. Some people enjoy all of them. Everybody finds they enjoy at least a few.

What We Have Inside Us






The human body is a complex system. And while we are far from knowing all the details of how it works we do know that feeding it correctly helps it to function properly. The optimal way to feed our body is still not fully understood, but natural ingredients seem to make all the difference. Antioxidants have also been shown to be highly beneficial.

The cells in our body are complex systems made of complex molecules. Damage to these cells and molecules breaks down the very materials from which our bodies are made; this is obviously unhealthy. Oxidation is one form of cell/molecule damage. Oxidised molecules lose an electron, which makes it easier for them to chemically react with other substances. This is rather like the rusting of metal, only it occurs inside our bodies. Antioxidants, as the name implies, prevents this problem. With antioxidants the cells and molecules of the body suffer far less oxidization, and only react in way that are healthy for correct body functioning.

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Superfoods smoothie mix has many natural ingredients, including many antioxidants. The combination of these ingredients keeps our bodies functioning optimally for much longer.


A few famous dishes found at any Korean Restaurant Sydney:

Bibimbap (Mixed casserole) – A casserole cooked in a stone pot, with rice, assorted vegetable, meat and apparently always topped with an egg.


Seafood Pancake – This is somewhere between a pizza and an omelette, if you can imagine a pizza with the ingredients inside rather than on top. This is pan fired and highly recommended.


Barbecue Wraps – Thin barbecued strips of meat wrapped in lettuce, with a few condiments. It works with pork, chicken and beef. All the ingredients are familiar, but the combination is a little different.


Korean food will nearly always come with side dishes (Banchan).

  • Pickled Radish (Danmuji) – Actually bright yellow in colour. From the chija.
  • Mung Bean Sprouts (Sukjunamul) – These are marinated, but still crunchy.
  • Anchovies – Though we know anchovies are salty these are also sweetened with honey. Stir fired these are very good.
  • Seasoned Seaweed– This varies, but the salt toasted version is recommended.
  • Pajeon – Pancake omelette again, but as a side dish.
  • Kimchi- The fermented vegetable that became the national dish, this is unbelievably good for the immune system.


Korean Restaurant Sydney CBD

Try some familiar ingredients prepared in some unfamiliar ways at a local Korean restaurant.

The Asian foods we overlook

Asian food importers tend to stock many things that are greatly underappreciated. Some foreign items take some getting used to, but many seem like a new combination of classic ingredients. A few overlooked culinary items include:

SHINHWA POPCORN: Not to be confused with the band with a similar name, Shinhwa popcorn is different enough from regular (western) popcorn for it to be considered a novelty, but still seem familiar enough for anybody not wanting to be too adventurous.

DUMPLINGS: Not too far removed from the pastries we eat for lunch, Asian dumplings can contain anything from vegetables and pork to kimchi and fried leeks. Try these as finger food at a party and have something beyond frankfurters and traditional pastries.

ICE CREAMS: This might be the best example of cross cultural influence we have; ice cream developed from some frozen desserts in China in about 200 BC, and has been developed further in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Modern Asian ice creams include green tea flavours, sweet corn, watermelon, chocolate and grape, rice, lemon and lime, and the near ubiquitous Red bean paste.

Some ice block popular with Asian food suppliers include:

  • Jaws: Strawberry and orange flavour shaped like a shark.
  • Jewel: Apple and soda flavoured.
  • Mojito: Ice blocks flavoured with white rum, lime, mint.
  • Screw: A twisted ice block with cherry and strawberry.
  • Tank: Pear, Kiwi or other fruits.
  • Rice Ice: Coffee and strawberry ice cream and rice cake combination.
  • Melona Waffle: a fish shaped pastry with ice cream and red bean paste.

NOODLES: We think of noodles as instant food, like instant soup; Japan literally built a museum to the history of noodles. Noddles are made from acorn, mung beans, buckwheat, sweet potato, arrowroot, seaweed, tubers, mugwort, green tea, tofu, soy, tapioca, rice and (of course) wheat. Gluten intolerant individuals will be please to know that some varieties of noodles are suitable for their diet restrictions.

TEA: There are more varieties of tea than we can list here, and all of them have at least some health benefits. Unorthodox teas sometimes require slightly different brewing methods (green tea should be made at 80 degrees and not one hundred), but these are not difficult to achieve, and the results are worth the effort. Many connoisseurs of tea refuse to use conventional tea bags and insist on gunpowder tea or match powder. The difference is remarkable. As tea last a while the gourmet varieties make for good presents.

Asian Food Suppliers Australia have many more food that will probably appeal to Australian buyers.