Outdoor Sign Advice






We encounter a lot of advertising throughout our daily lives. It is hard not to tune it out, and it is hard for individual adverts to stand out amid the competition. Small business just starting out have a difficult time getting noticed. At least part of this can be rectified by making sure that signs and advertisements are well designed.

1 – Many customers of many different backgrounds will very briefly see you sign. Make sure they can take it all in, or at least take in the main message in, with that very brief glance.

2 – Proper design is crucial if the sign is to be effective. Less is more. Don’t crowd a sign with text if the viewer only gets a brief glance through a passing car. Text might work in some other situation, but never with a brief glance.

3 – Appreciate the principle of ‘first read’. Is there a focal point that conveys your message at a glance?

4 – The first impression of the sign should be the type of first impression you want for your company.

5 –Signs are more than just props. Many sales are impulse purchases. A good design may or may not cost more than a poor one, but it will be more effective and get those impulse customers.

6 – Look at colours and exactly what it is you are selling. Either do a lot of research on the effectiveness of colour combinations, and how they are appropriate for your product(s), or go by your intuition.

7- The rule about overcrowding applies double to the background. Most details are a distraction, so eliminate them.


Banner Shop Sydney

A banner must be brief, and direct the customer to the actual retail shop.


Posters Sydney

A poster can work by supplying a visual focal point that draws interested customers in for more details. Magazine advertising works in a similar way.


Stickers Sydney

Like a small scale version of a poster a sticker can draw people in with a focal point, and then supply some more details.

Exhibition Stand Displays Sydney

No medium imposes too many restrictions. It is our ability to be creative within the confines of a certain situation that counts. There are those who believe that the restrictions are necessary for creativity; without restrictions we might have nothing but blank space. This applies as much to commercial design as it does to art.


Exhibition Stand Displays Sydney               

If we have to design a display we have a certain amount of space to work within, and a certain product or service to promote. We usually have a huge selection of colours, and other aspects of the design are virtually unlimited. As long as we can make something that conveys the right message and fits all its elements together coherently, then we have at least some worthy ideas.


Inspire Creative thoughts

  • Get up early in the morning. If you have some creative ideas left over from dreams, write them down. If not, early rising is still an advantage. We seem to be far less prone to being stuck in a rut.
  • Avoid routines. Our brains tend to solve problems by themselves, but this can work against us. Today’s rut was the solutions to yesterday’s problem, and it was quite creative the first time we thought of it.
  • Stress is a mixed blessing. It can force us to be creative, or cause us to be paralysed. Yet it can be a change from routine, as long as the routine was not the cause of the stress.
  • Learn to entertain ideas for the sake of farfetched possibilities. If you entertain enough ideas you will probably find a few that work. You might also be frustrated at having to choose between several equally good options.
  • Keep taking notes. Ideas occur at the oddest moments. It is infuriating to lose an idea because you though you could remember it.
  • Keep the restrictions of the situation in mind. These are the framework in which to work.


Exhibition Booth Displays Sydney  

  • Consider if you have a Row booth, Corner booth, End booth, or an Island booth.
  • Display booths can be completely open, partly obscured by signs, or the type of enclosed booth that the visitor has to enter. The first type are open and inviting, the second type can have some sense of mystery or exclusivity.
  • Consider adding some lights, including colours.
  • Moving items, even just a video on a monitor, has far more impact than static displays.
  • Push button activities are often worthwhile.
  • Once you know the location and type of booth you will have, imagine the ultimate set up in that situation.


Pop Up Exhibition Displays Sydney

Pop up displays are quite portable, and with a decent design they are quite versatile. Adding a few of these to a display booth can make all the difference. Alternately, a desk with a few pop up displays is almost a booth.

Adverting Sign Advice

Advertising needs to effectively tell people about your products and services. The method for doing this varies with the medium, but there are patterns within each medium and some overall advice that applies to all advertising.

  • Brevity and conciseness – Perhaps the common feature of all good advertising- conveying the essential information in as little space as possible.

Many people or different ages and cultural backgrounds will see your sign. They might see it day or night, from a moving vehicle or while partly distracted. If the sign cannot be grasped in one glance the effect is lost. Convey only what you need to get the customer’s attention. They might come in closer for more information, like a phone number, but unless you catch their attention they won’t come that far.

  • Less-is-More – You don’t want to cut down on what you have to say, not if it is essential information. The idea is to convey more information with less space. Use colour, image, space, 3D design and text to show what might take many pages of words to explain.
  • Appreciate First Focus What first draws somebody’s attention to a sign? If it is the company logo you are probably on the right track. Else, the point the customer sees first should be the point you want to convey.
  • Impressions- People will judge your company on its external appearance, which includes your advertising and signs. This can work even if they do not know your line of business; the sign can look formal, light-hearted or serious. Have a sign design that instantansously shows the type of attitude you want your company to live up to, and then fulfil the customer’s expectations.
  • Originallity – No formula will work for originality. But we do know that overfamiliar sights tends to get overlooked. If your advertising campaign looks like a street sign or safety warning you will probably not be noticed, unless you happen to have a product and a context that suits this.


Pull-up Banners Sydney

The ultimate in convenience and storage, these are large enough to make an impression, and fold up to a package that can be carried under one arm.


Posters Sydney         

You can say a little more with a poster than you can with other mediums. As long as the poster can have an overall effect that a viewer takes in a glance it is acceptable to have more information available on closer inspection.


Stickers Sydney        

Stickers really do have a minimal amount of space. Use a sticker to convey a logo and a slogan; apart from contact details they cannot carry too much more. This can be an advantage- the minimal information can have a sense of mystery, and the viewer might want to know more.


Marquees Sydney     

The size of a marquee does make a bold statement, but do not be tempted to make things too elaborate. Big and bold are better served with minimal text, and everything else conveyed with logos and the right colours. Despite the space this is not the place for elaborate details.





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Interior Real Estate Photo Editing Services






Real estate Photo Editing

  • Take multiple digital photos and pick the best shots. Standard practice these days.
  • Make sure photos are straight. People’s eyes will notice the vertical rather than the horizontal; make vertical lines look truly vertical.
  • If the angle of the photo causes the vertical and horizontal to meet at anything other than right angles, consider changing this (see below).
  • Try to use natural light to get an image that does not need re-touching or as little retouching as possible.
  • Artificial lighting can make a room photo look yellow. This gives an old fashioned feel to a house, which is usually not what is wanted. Colour correct this.
  • Consider one-point perspective – where all the lines in a picture point to the centre. Standing at one end of a room so that the opposite wall is in the centre will create this effect. The lines where the ceiling joins the walls, and the lines where the wall join the floor, will all point towards the centre of the far wall.
  • With a smaller room it can help to stand in one corner and shoot into the opposing corner. This can make the room look bigger.
  • If using a flash, be mindful of reflections.


Real Estate Photo Retouching Services

  • Slanted Photos can be corrected in many ways, including Photoshop ruler tool.
  • Skew, where the vertical and horizontal meet at something other than right angles, can be corrected with skew. But if the eye is aware of the angel of the shot it sometime compensates for this. As always, as long as the image looks natural it is acceptable.
  • Lighten images in whatever way looks like natural daylight.
  • Dim images look poor, bad contrast looks poor. Slightly overbright and slightly increased contrast won’t cause problems.
  • Reduce flare, bright spots and reflections.
  • If the images look great, you can ignore any rule that suggests otherwise.


Consider real estate photo editing. If the real estate photo retouching brings in one more bidder or one more offer for a home, the effort is well worthwhile.


Signs Illawarra

What makes a good sign? Just getting the message across! You are communicating with few words, maybe none. If your sign can show who you are at a glance, then it’s a good sign.

If you already have a logo you might want to think about the best way to display it. Rigid signs, banners, posters, display stands and stickers are all good options, but car displays are proving very effective.

Vehicle Wrapping Illawarra

These are popular with both professional businesses and car enthusiasts. What better way to personalize a car than with a custom design. Any vehicle can look good, and people will assume the performance matches the appearance. Any home hobbyist or garage mechanic can make their pride and joy look an order of magnitude better with a personalized vehicle wrap.

Alternatively, a company business can use a vehicle wrap to produce a fleet of matching vehicles. This is the type of look that impresses people, a corporate identity that gets recognition. Even a single vehicle looks good with the company logo; and people assume there are more vehicles where that one came from.  And if you do have fleet of them in the company parking lot you will look and feel more professional than ever before.

Car Vinyl Wrap Illawarra

These are the later version of vehicle wraps. There used to be issues with air bubbles under the plastic, or covering any contoured surfaces. Modern design has all but removed these issues.  If you have company cars you can make them look professional and simultaneously use them for advertising. Any design that works can be put on your vehicle. Take your business step ahead.