Window Tinting Perth

For the last two generations we have been warned about the dangers of too much Sun exposure. This advice was later tempered by the realization that we needed at least some Sunlight in order to produce vitamin D. But as people we still tend to get too much Sun exposure, while our houses, cars and other possessions also benefit from some Sun protection.

The visible light from the Sun is not too much of an issue. But the light just outside the region, the infrared below visible light and the Ultraviolet above it will potentially cause some problems.

Infrared light will cause objects to get hotter. Think of a car’s interior on a hot summer day.

Ultraviolet light causes Sunburn in people, and fading of paint, upholstery, furniture, leather and many other products. People do need a small amount of UV to be healthy.

The perfect new car of your choice selected from a row of different european marques of used cars for retail sale on a motor dealers forecourt all logos removed

The perfect new car of your choice selected from a row of different european marques of used cars for retail sale on a motor dealers forecourt all logos removed

Car Window Tinting Perth   

Tinting your car windows will protect the interior of the car. Because the infrared light is blocked the car will not heat up as much in the Sun. Because the ultraviolet light is blocked the interior will suffer very little fading or damage. The driver and passengers will have a much more comfortable experience.

For legal and safety reasons the front windscreen of a car cannot be tinted. We suggest an internal Sunshade for the windscreen when parking.

House Window Tinting Perth

House window tinting works on the same principle. Ordinary glass will block some ultraviolet light (about 25%), but tinted windows will block 99.9% of the Ultraviolet. This means carpets, furniture and curtains will not suffer fading. Many homes had previously draw the curtains to protect the house interior, but the curtains themselves were still subject to ultraviolet damage, and the natural light was blocked. This meant electric light was required, which raised power bills.

Tinted windows also lower power bills by blocking infrared light. The house is cooler when infrared light is reduced, so air conditioning costs are greatly reduced.

Car Detailing Perth               

As the name implies Car detailing looks after all the details of a car’s appearance – the shiny chrome, the upholstery …etc. It helps considerably if these interior items have not suffered any Sun damage. Tinted Windows help preserve the car interior.

Car Ceramic paint Protection Coating Perth           

As tinted windows protect the inside of a car so ceramic paint protection protects the outside of the car. These paint protectors last several years, and prove more cost effective than regularly repeated waxing.

Environmentally Friendly Floors and Wood

It is too simple to believe that cutting down trees is bad for the environment. A growing tree does absorb a lot of CO2 gas; but a fully grown tree neither adds nor takes much CO2 to the atmosphere. The best option if to constantly grown new trees, replacing them when they are fully grown.

If we arrange to grow trees that produce suitable building timber, and constantly replace these trees as they mature and are harvested, then we are helping to take a lot of CO2 out of the environment. We are taking considerably more Co2 out by this method than by just letting the trees stay idle. Using the trees productively, as a building material, prevents any significant CO2 loss. As long as the timber is not burnt the CO2 remains stored and does not impact the environment.

Timber flooring Perth

Using timber is more environmentally sound, provided that the harvested trees are constantly replaced. Other building materials, such as metals and plastics, use a lot of energy in production. As such they are far more harmful to the environmental that responsibly harvested wood.

Bamboo flooring Perth

One other useful and environmentally friendly building material is bamboo. Bamboo is a grass rather than a tree, and is much faster growing.  It only takes about 5- 7 years for bamboo to reach maximum hardness, and sometime the material can be used before this time if optimal hardness is not required. Bamboo might be seen as timber’s similar cousin.

Laminate flooring Perthlaminate flooring perth

Laminate floor has the appearance of wood or stone, but is an artificially manufactured product. It is quite cheap, and can be made in an environmentally sound manner.

Tiles flooring Perth

Tiles are by far the most popular floor material for areas that get wet. They are extremely durable, and the range of design styles means there are always many suitable options.

Environmental wood






We hear a lot about climate change and CO2 in the atmosphere. What many people don’t realize is that wood is of great benefit for tackling this problem.


Environmental Timber flooring Perth

Growing trees absorb a significant amount of CO2 from the surrounding atmosphere. Once the tree is fully grown the amount of CO2 absorbed and the amount released falls into an equilibrium (or close to it). Subsequently, it is beneficial to constantly plant new trees to absorb CO2. Once grown, the harvested trees can be used for building purposes. Most of the CO2 absorbed when the tree was growing remains in the wood. The wood effectively stores the CO2 where is can do no harm. The CO2 remains stored so long as the wood is not burnt.

Other building materials such as metals and plastics are labour and process intensive, something which uses a lot of energy and produces a lot of CO2. Wood requires far less energy to produce, making is a better option for the environment. Wood also tends to have less chemical processing, though this does vary with laquours, polishes and finishes, meaning there are less harmful chemicals in the home than with some plastics. Formaldehyde is processing chemical used in many products, especially plastics. But it is not too difficult to obtain quality wood that is free from formaldehyde.


Building and Timber Floors Perth

Wood is also the most cost effective building solution for frames and floors. This is a rare case of something being a short term and long term saving. Wood is a stronger material, by weight, than most materials, and being cheaper it is a short term financial saving. It is also beneficial for the environment, which is a long term saving.


Bamboo Flooring Perth

Bamboo also looks to be environmentally beneficial; it also soaks up CO2 form the air. As it grows at a very fast rate, taking only 7 years to harvest, it may prove to be the most popular option for future use. How much CO2 is absorbs is still being studied; the shorter growing time may mean that it absorbs less Co2 over the course of its shorter lifespan. Yet even the most minimal estimates would still be quite beneficial.

Bamboo Flooring Perth

Bamboo has only been used as flooring in the recent past, quickly becoming popular because of its appearance, durability and environmental potential.  But as with all new products there has been some trial and error involved, with some developments working better than others. It helps to know what to look for.


Bamboo looks and feels a lot like wood, even as it is a grass. Its great advantage is that it can grow to a useable product in just a few years. Quality hardwood takes 30 to 60 years before it is useable as timber. This, along with the ability to grow in areas not likely to interfere with wildlife, makes it an environmentally sound option.


But good quality bamboo needs at least 6 years to obtain its full strength. At this full strength it is comparable to hardwood. Any bamboo harvested after only 3 years is soft, and prone to damage. Insist on bamboo of the proper age, at least for flooring.


Bamboo flooring can be divided into three types:

  • Vertical Grain – Strips of bamboo stacked on edge and bonded together.
  • Flat Grain – Horizontal strips of bamboo laminated together
  • Strand bamboo – Consists of fibres bonded together.


Like many housing products Bamboo may be made with formaldehyde. Check with the manufacturer; it may be necessary to air the rooms for several days.


Timber Floors Perth

Flooring is a long term investment, and something you want to get right. For engineered, bamboo, solid or any other timber flooring Perth based Knock Out Flooring are highly recommended.


Laminate flooring Perth

Those who do not want a wooden finish there is also laminate flooring, made to resemble any stone, tiles or artificial surface.


hi car wash - car window tinting


Heat Reduction:  Been in a hot car in Summer? Nothing good about that situation! Tinting the windows means the car won’t be nearly as hot when you get in, and you won’t have to wait for the air conditioner to set things right. Even better, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard, meaning you save energy and money.

UV Protection: Do we need to tell you about what the Sun does to your skin? What about what it does to the car’s interior. Windows can block UV-B, but usually not UV-A; this is only partial protection. Remove the need to wear sunblock inside. Tint the windows and live with a little luxury.

Glare Reduction: It affects you visibility, and that is an issue when driving. Admittedly this is not too much of an issue, but even if it only makes the car slightly safer, isn’t it worth it.

Privacy: Prevent people seeing the valuables in the back seat, and reduce the risk of theft. Not a common problem if you keep possessions safely hidden, just another small benefit.

Preventing injury: If a normal window breaks it can split and spill into a thousand pieces. Safety glass is better in regards to this as the glass is far less likely to be sharp, but a broken window still means countless pieces of glass in your vehicle. The film of a tinted window will tend to hold the broken glass in one piece, which prevents it from hitting passengers and being lost in the car interior for the following weeks.

The right Tinting can just look great on your Car:  it depends on the colour of the paintwork and the style of car, but there’s a tine to suit every vehicle.

For car window tinting, Perth’s Hi Car is a great option.

Questions to consider with interior decorating

1 – What do you like about the present room(s)?

This is mostly to figure out what your taste in decorating is. Like many things your taste has to be discovered rather than invented. Occasionally you find nothing you presently like in the room; try looking at rooms you do like, or at least aspects of rooms you like. Is there something you want to put at the centre (literally or metaphorically) and decorate around? Is the room designed around the dinning set, the piano, the painting on the wall, the view through the windows? Start here and work around the ideas.

2 – What don’t you like?

That almost always comes after the previous question. Try to look at this long term. Some permanent renovations are occasionally necessary if there’s a limit in the design of the room; most other things can simply be moved out.

3- What colours do you like?

And of course, what do you dislike? Can you get the whole room to work in these colours? Repainting is one issue, the room contents and arrangement another. If the room fits around a central object you will find this will greatly influence your choice of colours.

4 – Once you have decided on colours you need to ask whether natural lighting is a factor.

If you have natural lighting during the day and artificial lighting at night you may find the room completely changes its appearance. This can often be rectified by using eggshell/matt paint. Walls painted with these paints have less colour change when the light varies. You can almost always have the same pigment paint in a different finish. The situation can be further helped by using electric lights that imitate natural sunshine. If you have blinds then questions about natural lighting and electric lighting are important; rooms change appearance when the blind goes up or down.

5- Do you have a style that has always appealed to you?

This is an overall aesthetic question, and often a room can be designed in a certain style while still fitting in with a central object. But remember to look at this long term. Novelty items that catch your fancy might be a bit annoying in a year’s time. Else, they might be kitsch. If you have loved a certain idea, theme or pop culture item since childhood you might well find it retains its appeal. If you are worried it is best to lean towards a more conservative approach.

6 – The function of the room is also important.

Technology like televisions and Hi-fis can be less conspicuous than what they were a generation ago, so no longer need to determine the décor, though they are still a factor. It is now possible to have a dining room with a projector that turns the space into a home theatre. A blind on a window can adequately change a space from sunroom to something suitable for viewing films. Multi-function is now quite common.

7 – Special needs.

If there are children, old pensioners of someone in a wheelchair you will need to consider these things. Using laminated floor and stain resistant paints can make all the difference to the upkeep of the room, but if they keep the same colour scheme as previously planned they need not later the overall effect very much.

8 – Budget and time.

Budget is always an issue, even for millionaires. If you don’t have the money don’t overextend yourself. Remember, you can do things in stages. And while we never what anybody to skim on quality there are always cheaper alternatives. Second-hand good or DIY can give a perfectly fine result; you end up spending time and effort rather than money, but for some people this is the better option.

For any question on Interior Design in Perth call Luna Deco. Luna deco specialises in designer blinds and wallpaper for interior decorating.

What is interior decorating?

There are many factors in what makes the interior rooms of a house look the way they do. The architectural design is fairly set, unless one wants to renovate; even then the choices have their limitations. Interior designers are concerned with everything that can be changed while keeping the walls where they are. Interior designers are concerned with decorating what has already been built.

Interior designers are concerned with aesthetics and usually have degree or diploma level qualifications to this effect. Some less qualified individuals perform the same role but are called interior stylists. They may be quite capable and talented, but without the formal certification. Really, the terminology here is loose. The point is to find someone who brings you to the vision you want for the rooms to be decorated. If safety and utility are not really a factor for a particular room there is no need to insist on formal training. On the other hand a design might require factors that do affect function and safety, in which case you should insist on high level certification.

If you aim to employ an interior decorator then:

  • Look for work you like, and the professionals who made this happen. It’s a matter of taste that matches yours. Sometime this is a new innovative decorator, sometimes an old hand.
  • Find decorators who share you vision. Someone easy to communicate with is a huge factor here.
  • Get quotes for what you want, itemized and comprehensive. Try at least three designers.
  • Look for credentials where they do matter. Insurance is essential. Membership of the Design Institute of Australia shows that the person in question is up-to-date with the latest relavent developments.

Offices and business spaces require a different approach to home decorations. Any cooperate space is an indication of the function of the company, and perceived by potential clients as a reflection of the business’s performance. The look of a company and its offices are a form of advertising, and should be approach as such. The company head often has a good idea of the clientele, but the interior designer may be needed to find ascertain what appeals to this demographic.

Contact Luna Deco in Perth for Interior design advice, supplies and roller blinds.