Piping Matters For Oil

Oil was once relatively cheap. Early cars had tiny engines that ran on ‘motor spirit’ (which we call ‘petrol’ or ‘gas’), and the number of people driving was quite low. So for the early years of motoring history it was quite possible to supply the world’s needs using only oil in easy to access locations. But since then demands have greatly increased, and the easy to access oil locations have long since dried up.


Another change is the quality of the oil. It is still possible to extract good petrol from today’s oil, but much of the crude oil has high sulphur or CO2 content, making it corrosive. To prevent this causing problems the crude oil must be transported through pipes that can resist this corrosion.


Cladding Pipe

Cladding pipe material greatly prevents corrosion issues when transporting crude oil and gas. This is due to both the pipe manufacturing material and the way the pips fit together. At present it is estimated that corrosion in the Oil, gas and petrochemical industries costs about one trillion dollars annually. Corrosion in other industries is slightly higher. Use of cladding pipe will significantly reduce the costs connected with this corrosion problem. The added advantage is that the cladding pipe material will last for many years to come.

Alternate Pipe Cladding Uses






Colourbond Cladding

Pipe Cladding Companies design pipes to be functional, easy to assemble, reliable and aesthetically pleasing. Sometime the functionality, the ability to carry water, is ignored and people use pipes for creative projects. Interior designers have used pipe for several pleasing projects. They continue to be aesthetically pleasing, with the ease of use and reliability being further assets.

Some examples;

  • Piping as bookshelves, sometimes combined with wood.
  • Piping as the basis for furniture, such a tables.
  • Piping for a shoe rack
  • Piping as a light fitting.
  • Handrails for stairways.
  • Copper pipe vases
  • For hanging clothes.
  • Pipe structures for growing vines on.
  • Beds made of piping.


Colourbond pipe provides many hardwearing look for many decors.  Aluminium piping would be suitable for outdoor situations.


Chilled water Pipe cladding has become a little more popular with the trend towards green housing, which aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible. A chilled water supply can be a design feature, useful and decorative.


Copper Pipe cladding might be the next design trend, though it has seen some minor use for many years. The look of polished copper has always been popular; it has appeared as candlesticks, cookware and ornamentation for many years. copper pipe cladding would be well suited for towel racks, fireplace fittings, and many household furnishings.


PVC pipe cladding probably does not have the aesthetic appeal of copper or colour bond, but it has always been inexpensive and reliable. If nothing else it looks to have a long future for water supplies.