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For the last two generations we have been warned about the dangers of too much Sun exposure. This advice was later tempered by the realization that we needed at least some Sunlight in order to produce vitamin D. But as people we still tend to get too much Sun exposure, while our houses, cars and other possessions also benefit from some Sun protection.

The visible light from the Sun is not too much of an issue. But the light just outside the region, the infrared below visible light and the Ultraviolet above it will potentially cause some problems.

Infrared light will cause objects to get hotter. Think of a car’s interior on a hot summer day.

Ultraviolet light causes Sunburn in people, and fading of paint, upholstery, furniture, leather and many other products. People do need a small amount of UV to be healthy.

The perfect new car of your choice selected from a row of different european marques of used cars for retail sale on a motor dealers forecourt all logos removed

The perfect new car of your choice selected from a row of different european marques of used cars for retail sale on a motor dealers forecourt all logos removed

Car Window Tinting Perth   

Tinting your car windows will protect the interior of the car. Because the infrared light is blocked the car will not heat up as much in the Sun. Because the ultraviolet light is blocked the interior will suffer very little fading or damage. The driver and passengers will have a much more comfortable experience.

For legal and safety reasons the front windscreen of a car cannot be tinted. We suggest an internal Sunshade for the windscreen when parking.

House Window Tinting Perth

House window tinting works on the same principle. Ordinary glass will block some ultraviolet light (about 25%), but tinted windows will block 99.9% of the Ultraviolet. This means carpets, furniture and curtains will not suffer fading. Many homes had previously draw the curtains to protect the house interior, but the curtains themselves were still subject to ultraviolet damage, and the natural light was blocked. This meant electric light was required, which raised power bills.

Tinted windows also lower power bills by blocking infrared light. The house is cooler when infrared light is reduced, so air conditioning costs are greatly reduced.

Car Detailing Perth               

As the name implies Car detailing looks after all the details of a car’s appearance – the shiny chrome, the upholstery …etc. It helps considerably if these interior items have not suffered any Sun damage. Tinted Windows help preserve the car interior.

Car Ceramic paint Protection Coating Perth           

As tinted windows protect the inside of a car so ceramic paint protection protects the outside of the car. These paint protectors last several years, and prove more cost effective than regularly repeated waxing.


We hear a lot about Ultra Violet light (UV) causing sunburn and eye problems. We should know to buy some decent quality Sunglasses and wear sunscreen. But we might be less aware of the useful side of UV light.


UV Light is very effective for disinfecting surfaces and purifying liquids. A few minutes exposure with the light will destroy the vast majority of germs. This is limited by how much of the surface the UV actually reaches. Small cavities may continue to harbour bacteria and germs if not effectively exposed to the UV light. Large particles in water may also cause issues as bacteria inside the particles are shielded from UV exposure.


House Cleaning Services

The UV wand has been popular for many years, usually to clean items like mattresses. As items like mattresses and some other large surfaces are difficult to wash (you cannot put them in the washing machine!) The UV light wand is often the only practical solution.  The only downside is the time taken. The house cleaner must expose the surface to UV light for several minutes in order for cleaning to be completely effective.


Office Cleaning Sydney

UV light Office Cleaning is similar to house cleaning. Areas prone to germs and similar issues will benefit greatly from a few minutes of UV light exposure. Sinks, food preparations surfaces, microwaves and fridges could all disinfected with a UV wand.


End of Lease Cleaning

We might tend to think of UV light as killing invisible bacteria rather than reducing obvious mess. As such, it would seem to be of little use for end of lease cleaning, where the point is to make the property look tidy. But UV light is useful for getting rid of many odours caused by germs and bacteria.  Getting rid of poor odours is important for a rental property.


House Cleaning Sydney

Ask you home cleaner about UV treatment for pillows, mattresses and any other surfaces that cannot be laundered in the traditional way.






The carbon footprint of a process or manufactured item is rather like the joke about statistics being worse than lies. The statistical figures are accurate, but may leave the reader with a very misleading impression.


Carbon footprints refer to the amount of greenhouse gas (CO2) produced by any manufacturing process.  For calculation purposes this process is extended to include all transport involved, both for raw materials and delivery of the final products. Ideally the carbon footprint figure reflects the total amount of greenhouse gasses emitted by the time the product reaches the consumer.


Of course this can be misleading. It is quite possible for two products to have used the same amount of CO2 and other gasses during manufacture, only for one of those products produce more gas through regular use. The carbon footprint is an accurate number, but it only looks at the problems created by item production, not by item use. This need to be considered when looking at environmental impact.


An example of this would be different cars. A large amount of CO2 is created when manufacturing the cars, but a car that is cheaper to run, uses less fuel, and emits less pollution, would be far preferable in environmental terms.


Another consideration is Carbon footprint compared to a product’s lifespan. A product that lasts longer is usually preferable to a similar product that has to be replaced; there will be more CO2 produce in manufacturing the replacement. Of course, this is complicated by products becoming obsolete over time, and the fact that they may produce pollution in regular use. A chair that last for 20 years is better than a chair that only lasts 5. But a computer that lasts 20 years is of little advantage as it will be considered obsolete and in need of replacement long before the 20 years is up. It will also produce CO2 through the electricity it uses.


People often consider recycling to be a good thing, but this issue can be complicated. The recycling process can often produce more CO2; even the transportation of the recycled products is a factor.


The GHG footprint (Greenhouse Gas footprint) includes gasses other than CO2, giving a better estimate of the impact a manufacturing process has. Another method is the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) which tries to include all the environmental impact a product will have from before it is manufactured to after it is disposed of.




There is a thinner boundary than expected between a person’s mind and their environment. It varies with the emotional sensitivity of the individual, but the environment affects our way of thinking. We care less about order and honest in a disorganized environment. We might continue to be honest of our own volition, but we don’t feel the same as when we are in an organized situation.


Some studies have shown that people are less honest when they are in an area that is littered and covered in graffiti. An untidy house appears to have a similar effect, even as the mess is our own. We might know we are supposed to be honest, especially in tidy surroundings, but the idea seems less relavent when we are buried in a mess. And is we are inclined to be dishonest with ourselves in such an environment we may cause ourselves some severe confusion.


It is not unusual for depressed people to be negligent when it comes to tidying the house. But this may well lead to a downward spiral. The untidy environment discourages them from caring; part of this lack of caring is not trying to sort themselves out, and part of this ties to the fact that they don’t feel they have to be honest with themselves. Truth is coherent. When we live in an incoherent world we stop caring about making ourselves coherent; we don’t care about contradictions and we don’t try to sort is all out.


We tend to sense the way behaviour overlaps in different aspects of our life. If a person has a messy house it is hard to believe they are a meticulous accountant who pays their tax on time. Maybe a few people do have this contradictory nature, but there are more individuals who once had it altogether only to let it slide over time. Tidying the house would be the first step to getting back on track.


Cleaning your environment is a way of gaining mastery of yourself. The individual doesn’t feel as helpless, and they become better at managing their life and emotions.


Home Cleaning

Professional home cleaners are great at looking after the details and maintaining a household’s upkeep. If an individual can keep their bookshelves in order the professional cleaner is there to do the dusting. But even when somebody else is helping clean house the individual life feels better for it.








sbhi - office cleaning sydney

Every clean office should have:

Good lighting:

Natural lighting is best, especially if you can filter out the UV rays (UVA and UVB). We seem to be fully awake when we get the right amount of rest and the right amount of natural light during the daytime; this gets our circadian rhythm properly synchronized. Large windows with good tinting are highly recommended. Failing that, try plenty of artificial lighting that imitates the natural light spectrum. This gives the office and its workers a sense of energy. It also makes the office look cleaner.

Air Conditioning:

Clean air in the issue here. You don’t want to be breathing in anything unhealthy; sick days are in nobody’s best interest. But even without the direct health benefits the clean air just makes for a better working environment.

Negative Ion generator:

These were designed to lean the air by removing airborne particles. But they also seem to perk people up a bit. Many filtration units include this function. If not, stand-alone units are not too expensive to buy.

A Scanner:

In the old days paper accumulated faster than dust. This is less of an issue now that most correspondences are emails, and most work is done online. Nonetheless if you do get hardcopy work and documents it is best to store them digitally. This saves a lot of shelf space. Documents more than a year old (last year’s tax) can be kept this way.


A good chair and comfortable desk make all the difference. Try working without these and notice the difference. They last for many years, so find an office supply group that can find you something that works for you.

The Coffee and Accessories:

Caffeine may not be great in large doses; I would actually recommend decaf where possible. None-the-less a good supply of green tea, ginseng powder, hot chocolate a coffee machine and anything that provides some healthy energy or endurance is a positive for any office. The 60 seconds it takes to make a cup of coffee is more than compensated for by the increased productivity it inspires.

Office Cleaning Sydney

All offices should be kept clean. Productivity is affected by many things. An unclean office is both a hindrance to morale and an obstacle to finding anything. An unhygienic office will cause illnesses, almost certainly compromising productivity. Office cleaning keeps everything in full working order.

If you need office cleaning Sydney has several fine regular services.


aaa cleaning - home cleaning

Some tip for getting rid of unpleasant odour.

Summer has its advantages- we can open the windows and air out the house. In winter we didn’t really have this option unless we wanted to re-heat the place afterwards. But opening the doors and windows means we can be rid of any odours, or at least reduce them temporarily. It you have a few unpleasant factors in the air, here’s a few ideas. Home cleaning is only partly effective if the house smells bad.

Cigarette Smoke

As if the health concerns weren’t bad enough the smell of tobacco persists for weeks. Carpets and curtains are notorious for this. Try baking soda on all affected areas, and leave it on for several hours (overnight). Vacuum it up with a HEPA equipped machine. If this doesn’t work, you might need to hire a carpet shampoo device.

Garbage disposal Sinks

Try vinegar or even oxygen bleach while the mechanism is running. Else, let it soak overnight if possible.

 Pet smells

Unfortunately this is an ongoing thing. The stains themselves can be helped by dry baking soda, or with baking soda mixed with vinegar. Make up a spray bottle with the right ingredients. Putting affected furniture in the Sun for a few hours can make all the difference, though fading fabric is an issue.

The smell will largely disappear if the cause is cleaned up each time. But if it does persist you may need an air filter or an ionizer.


These will be nauseating after a few years of use. I don’t know which I hate more, the smell of the thought of my eating utensils being in there.

Run the dishwasher through the usual cycle with white vinegar instead of detergent.


Musty drawers.

Try emptying draws and leaving them in the Sun for a day of two. Clean the clothes (or other contents) to make sure that isn’t the real problem and the leave some baking soda in the draws for a day or two. Latter add some moisture absorbing silica gel packets (the type that some with vitamins) to prevent moisture issues.


Fridge odour

First try removing any old food; it might not be the fridge itself. Then, after a thorough detergent wipe-down, leave some baking soda, a cut Spanish onion or some active charcoal somewhere inconspicuous – these rapidly soak up smells. Replace periodically.


Home cleaning can become more effective with these preventative measures









We tend to employ professional cleaners for two reasons:

  • We lack the time to do all the cleaning ourselves; even enjoyable lifestyles are busy.
  • We now the professionals achieve optimal results.

Part of the reason why professionals get the best results is due to the equipment they use. Industrial strength vacuums are designed to operate all day, and their powerful motors pick up more dirt than conventional models. They can also filter out 99% of the dust and allergens in the carpet. Conventional model vacuums usually don’t have HEPA filters, which remove very fine particles from the carpet and air. Professional cleaners remove these fine particles and prevent them from circulating in the air. This filtering of allergens and other material is a great health benefit; we no longer breathe in harmful particles. Individuals suffering from asthma, hay fever or any allergies can greatly benefit from professional and thorough cleaning.

Professionals also use steam cleaning. This is usually only necessary every six months, but it dramatically improves the condition and life of the carpet. It is possible to hire steam cleaning equipment, but it is more effective to include steam treatment in a professional cleaning service. There are professional techniques to steam cleaning, and carpets are often given a chemical treatment afterward. The results of these services speak for themselves.

Ask about treatments that extend the life of your carpet. Some of these treatments, like Scotchgard, can be applied when the carpet is first laid and will last indefinitely. Other treatments must be reapplied after each steam cleaning, about every six months. All treatments extend the life of your carpet and resit stains, making them very cost effective.

Strata Cleaning Services, Sydney

How often to clean a Strata complex?

This will depend on so many factors. A few things to consider are?

  • The Number or residents. It is a little over-simplistic to say that more resident’s means more dirt being tracked into the place, but dirt is being bought in by the residents and their occasional guests. Children might track more dirt; a few individuals hardly cause any problems. At the most you might get a cleaning in on common areas once per day. Once per day is about the upper limit, even if more traffic does come in.
  • Some strata allow pets, others do not. Cleaning and hygiene are the main issues here, though noise can also be an issue. Some pets stay in the apartment and are all but unseen, but dogs, cats and other animals that wander around unattended will require at least some cleaning.
  • Weather conditions. Rain will cause common areas to accumulate mud, and untreated areas can develop mould and other issues in the damp. Consider more frequent cleaning during wetter month. Snow and dust are almost non-existent problems for Sydney strata cleaning services, but weather will affect cleaning situations.
  • The Strata Status. If you are a prestige group the residents will expect pristine conditions every day. Don’t be fooled; if people believe they are paying for luxury they will complain if it is ever compromised. The extra cost of the luxury strata is expected to go on cleaning and upkeep.

Arranging and Planning Cleaning

It is perfectly normal to have some areas cleaned daily and some cleaned weekly. Efficient approaches look at the situation, look at the problem areas, and produce an appropriate cleaning program.

Budgets are never unlimited; find the areas that need constant attention and the areas that that only need occasional touch-ups, and arrange accordingly. Talk to the strata cleaning service who have experience in other Sydney apartment blocks. Past experience will lead to some solid advice.


SBHI prides itself in providing cleaning services to NSW for over 10 years. Their team specialises in a wide range of skills which can help target the clients requirements and deliver perfect results every time. Majority of their clientele are from existing customers and any new customers are referred to via word of mouth. They rely solely on their quality services and integrity. SBHI is all rounded, dealing in the past with Child Care centres, Kindergarten Classrooms, Medical Centres, Office Cleaning, Restaurant Cleaning, Retail Shop and Pub Cleaning. Their extensive collection of high grade equipment ensures precision to the finest of detail. Their testimonials and video footage on their website make it very clear of SBHI’s service and hardworking attitude.

CARPETS – A little Background

Carpets date so far back into our history that it is impossible to know when they first appeared. Obviously the manufacturing of carpet requires some form of weaving; prior to weaving the immediate ancestor of the carpet was the animal skin. Carpets, in the form of rugs, possibly developed when earlier civilizations wanted to sleep on something other than the rough ground; carpets and bedding may have developed together. Alternately, carpets may have started as weaving for display purposes. Whether they were for display or protection against the ground woven carpets date back many years B.C.

More modern carpets owe a great debt to the Middle East; almost modern looking carpets in the Middle East date back to at least the 2 century B.C.; knotted carpets date back centuries earlier than this. Carpets also appeared later in place like China, but the carpet art-form remained a minor cultural influence in many oriental countries at least partly due to the scarcity of wool. The Chinese preference for art with very fine detail might also have been a factor here, as a carpet could not have ornamentation finer than the thread it was stitched from.

A few latter type of carpet include;
Kidderminster Carpet or Ingrain carpets: A flat woven carpet developed in the 18th century, these have opposing patterns on either side; turn the carpet over and the light colours become dark and vice-versa. This could be useful if the carpet covered most of the floor and one wanted to change the appearance of a room; turning the carpet over could make the whole room darker or lighter.

Lotto Carpets: Produced in Turkey from the 16th century these carpets featured a complex interweaving geometric pattern, usually yellow with a red background. The patterns varied, but were stylistically similar to cast iron fences, candle holders and other ornamentation that was popular at the time.

Axminster Carpets: An English company that dates back to the mid-18th century. Their carpets were influence by Turkish methods, but were artistically styled after English tapestries. These were the extremely long carpets used in the finest room and hallways of aristocratic homes. The record for the longest carpet by this group stands at 74 feet by 54 feet.

Rug and carpet cleaning services for Newcastle and the Central Coast area are available from the Clean your Carpet company.