There are many factors in what makes the interior rooms of a house look the way they do. The architectural design is fairly set, unless one wants to renovate; even then the choices have their limitations. Interior designers are concerned with everything that can be changed while keeping the walls where they are. Interior designers are concerned with decorating what has already been built.

Interior designers are concerned with aesthetics and usually have degree or diploma level qualifications to this effect. Some less qualified individuals perform the same role but are called interior stylists. They may be quite capable and talented, but without the formal certification. Really, the terminology here is loose. The point is to find someone who brings you to the vision you want for the rooms to be decorated. If safety and utility are not really a factor for a particular room there is no need to insist on formal training. On the other hand a design might require factors that do affect function and safety, in which case you should insist on high level certification.

If you aim to employ an interior decorator then:

  • Look for work you like, and the professionals who made this happen. It’s a matter of taste that matches yours. Sometime this is a new innovative decorator, sometimes an old hand.
  • Find decorators who share you vision. Someone easy to communicate with is a huge factor here.
  • Get quotes for what you want, itemized and comprehensive. Try at least three designers.
  • Look for credentials where they do matter. Insurance is essential. Membership of the Design Institute of Australia shows that the person in question is up-to-date with the latest relavent developments.

Offices and business spaces require a different approach to home decorations. Any cooperate space is an indication of the function of the company, and perceived by potential clients as a reflection of the business’s performance. The look of a company and its offices are a form of advertising, and should be approach as such. The company head often has a good idea of the clientele, but the interior designer may be needed to find ascertain what appeals to this demographic.

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