Respectable paying careers that don’t require degrees

Pilot – you need to pass several tests that require a fair degree of intelligence, and you need excellent eyesight. But if you are suited to this type of work that shouldn’t pose a problem. Commercial licenses and transport pilot licences require 200 or 1500 hours of flight time respectively.


Crane and life operators- Well paid for construction work, which is always in some demand and the fifth highest industry in Australia. This requires working at heights, a high risk work licence and a traineeship.


Mining – Some of the higher positions require degrees, but there are many high paying positions that are suited to those who are able to tolerate extreme conditions and are physically fit and strong.


Entrepreneurs – This may be the only field where the less qualified earn more than the over qualified, but there is no way to be sure of anything in this field.  There is no way of ever knowing how many entrepreneurs failed, but it must be a large majority. The successful may become billionaires, but that is only a handful. The field requires a lot of creativity, marketing sense, perseverance, ability to read people, and several personal attributes that nobody has a name for.


Best Degrees for Well Paid Careers.

Petroleum engineering –

Actuarial Maths –

Nuclear engineering

Chemical engineering

Electronics/computing/communication engineering.

Because all these things will be constantly expanding in the future.


Career Paths that are Fast Becoming Obsolete, or less in demand.

  • Travel agent – Because the average person does this online.
  • Switchboard Operator – because it is almost entirely automated.
  • Semiconductor processor – technology and computers increase, but automation means there are fewer people needed for this work.
  • Door-to-Door salesperson – It all online.
  • Mail carrier- automated sorting, delivery companies and drones will replace most of this.
  • Reporting- for all the education this requires there are fewer jobs, and average pay.
  • Typists, secretaries and word processors – Because IT specialist and managers can type themselves. Personal assistants may still be useful.

Australian Business Review