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There are a few factors used to classify diamonds, all of which relate to their value.

Colour- White, yellow, orange, pink, blue and other colours are known. Pure white is sometime considered the most desirable, but near white and yellow look near identical when set in gold. Some prefer rare coloured diamonds, pink being considered very sweet.

Clarity – Almost all diamonds have imperfections. Almost all imperfections in jewellery diamonds are unnoticeable, except with a microscope. Always check for imperfections, as they affect the value of the stone. But if it’s not really visible except with a microscope you may fins it’s a great looking stone at a reduced price. Occasionally the setting can cover the imperfection.

Carat – this is the weight of the stone, which also means its size. This is one factor in the value of the stone, and probably the first thing we notice about the diamond is its size. Yet it is not the only factor. A flawless small diamond is worth more than an imperfect large stone.

Cut – This is the physical shape of the stone, as fashioned by the diamond cutter. The ‘ideal’ cut (a technical term) reflects light of the diamond parallel to the path from which it entered. This makes the diamond look more brilliant. Other than that the cut is a matter of personal preference.

Diamond Price Sydney City

Diamonds are best bought wholesale. This does not mean any shady online dealers or anything from the back of a truck. This means a reputable supplier of diamonds, the same pace the retailers buy their gemstones.

Wedding Rings Sydney City

When considering a wedding ring it is advisable to but wholesale and have a ring custom made. This not only allows the individual the opportunity to specify the ring they want, it is more economical and allows the buyer to purchase a more expensive stone.

Engagement Ring Sydney CBD

Engagement rings can also be custom made at reasonable prices. Matching or complimentary rings are worth considering, and are readily achievable with wholesale and custom made jewellery.