Hobbies and the Public


Our lives are not a compartmentalized as we might think. Or if they are compartmentalized, there is overlap, or communication between apartments, or something else going on. Plenty of ideas at work were inspired by the magazine article we read a few days earlier, even as it seemed unrelated at the time. We learn in one area, and can at least sometimes apply the ideas elsewhere. Hobbies can be productive for this reason.

  • Any interesting pursuit helps us manage time. We learn to get things done so we can move on to what interests us; and we tend to approach our interest in a productive way too.
  • Interests help us get into the zone. Instead of forcing us to concentrate our hobby tends to keep us interested. This is a great place to be mentally. And we can find this mindset being used for other activities.
  • Hobbies are beneficial for stress. If we have several pursuits in life we are less affected when one of them is threatened. A difficult couple of days at work are far more bearable when the other things in our life are doing reasonably well.
  • Many hobbies increase social interaction. Social skills are a part of almost any business success.
  • Work tends to take up more time when we have nothing else on the schedule. If we have to get away at 5 we tend to find we work towards this, and that we mostly get out by that time. If we have nothing else on it is all too easy to find time drifting away, and no extra work getting done. Have more than work in your day.
  • We learn by doing, and almost any skill help your brain work a little better. Any hobby will have some mental and psychological rewards.
  • Creativity and hobbies are linked. You will be better at work for having a hobby at home.

More than a few people complaint they do not have time for a hobby, they are far too busy on social media. This is obviously where there time goes, and social contact on social media tends to be a good thing; and if you like taking photos and updating your own page this is half way to being a hobby. What lets this down is the lack of gratification in the undertaking. Social media, at least looking at everybody else’s social media, just chews up too much time. If you can’t get out of bed in the morning with some anticipation and go to bed with at least some partial satisfaction, the things you spend you time on need changing.