What is the Ortho K Lens Alternative

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Those of us with less than perfect eyesight usually wear glasses or regular contact lenses. These are highly effective; with the right optometrist prescription we get perfectly normal eyesight. This is often enough for most people, they can live their lives unhindered by any sight problems.

A few of us prefer to be without glasses, either because they don’t suit some people, or because we might find they get in the way. And a few of us prefer nor to wear contact during the day, perhaps worried that we might lose them.

There are two modern alternative to glasses. One is laser eye surgery, though many consider this rather drastic and rather expensive. The other is Ortho K lenses.

Ortho K lenses 

Ortho Keratological lenses and contacts that correct your eyesight at night. These lenses subtly alter the shape of the cornea at the front of the eye. When worn every night they give the eyes corrected vision during the day.

Orthokeratology is an ongoing treatment. The lenses must be worn every night, else the eyes will revert to their previous shape, and the eyesight will not longer be correct. But they have the great advantage of allowing us to be free of glasses or contacts during the day.

These night lenses may initially feel slightly awkward. But they are soon accommodated. The improved eyesight is stable, but not permanent unless the lenses are worn every night.

The Ortho K lenses are suitable for minor to moderate eyesight problems, shortsightedness of about -6.00 or less.

History and Principle of Ortho K

The idea of using rigid lenses to correct the cornea dates back to the 1940’s. But the technology of the time did not allow the lenses to be accurately shaped to a fine degree, or customized to an individual’s eyes. So the Process was to unpredictable. Furthermore, these was severe concern that the lenses would deprive the eyes of oxygen, leading to long term damage.

By the 1990’s computer technology allowed the creation of extremely accurate maps of an individual’s eyes, and for the creation of extremely precise lenses. So Ortho K lenses became feasible. The invention of gas permeable lens materials removed the concern over the eye being deprived of oxygen.

Talk to the optometrist about Ortho K lenses. When worn at night they provide clear vision during the day.