Window Tinting Perth

Normal glass does block some UV radiation, but not all of it. Without a Protective film or coating clear glass will block most UVB rays that cause sunburn, but not all UVA rays that cause other forms of damage. Plain glass reduces UV rays and their damage, but does not eliminate them.


Any glass window can be fitted with protective film that eliminates more than 99% of UV rays. These UV protective films last for years, protecting both the people and furnishings inside from damage.


House Window Tinting Perth

Furniture and carpets will suffer fading if not protected from UV light. Affixing UV film to the windows all but eliminates this.


Car Window Tinting Perth

One of the few issue to watch for with tinted windows is correct washing. Tinted windows can take far longer to dry that plain glass. With any type of glass cleaning there is always problems streaks forming, but film treated windows also have potential issues with water getting between the film and the glass. This trapped water can result in a hazy and blistered window. Proper window cleaning techniques can prevent this.



Many glass cleaning products contain ammonia. This quickly damages rubber, leather, vinyl and some other car surfaces, so should be avoided. Ammonia is also harmful to tinting film, so is completely unsuitable for cars with tinted windows.

Ammonia is harmful to people, and should only be used in well ventilated areas.


Microfiber Towels.

It is easy to achieve great results by use a wet microfiber towel to clean a window. Wet part of the towel for cleaning the glass surface, then immediately use the dry part of the towel for drying.


Car Detailing Perth,

Car detailing will look after windscreen wipers, which need to be clean lest they cause visibility problems with the glass. It will also look after that area that door windows retract into, lest this cause problems.