We were taught early in life that eating too much food causes weight gain. This gets rephrased as energy input exceeding energy exertion. But it all appears to be a half-truth at best. Other factors are affecting weight gains and loss, and while we strongly encourage exercise and healthy eating there is more that we also wish to encourage.

Carbohydrates and Processing

Carbohydrates have received a lot of bad press over the last generation; the information is misleading. There is less energy in carbs than fats, but as we eat far more carbohydrates than fat, which appears to be the real issue. The fact that the carbs are processed only makes it worse. Avoid processed food and eat carbohydrates in moderation; eat brown rice not white bread.

Exercise for weight loss

We use to be told that steady work and exercise would reduce weight over time; like the proverbial tortoise racing the hare we would get there by perseverance. These days the research tells us that alternating quick bursts of energy with short periods of rest are actually better to get the metabolism going. This apparently helps us lose weight for several hours after we finish exercising. Short amounts of exercise everyday lead to steady weight loss.

General Health and weight loss

Being unhealthy will do unpredictable things with weight loss and gain. I have seen younger men live off junk food and lose weight, but they are so unhealthy and feel so bad that the situation isn’t nearly worth it. And they seem to be the ones who are obese when they hit middle age. On the other hand, if you concentrate on being healthy you tend to not be too overweight. Eating food we know is healthy is the best start you can make.


Like anything we recommend this doesn’t do the work for you, but if it gets your body back to a healthy state you will find that the other weight loss techniques start to become more effective. Some people claim that it helps reduce appetite; others feel that there body simply got the fine tuning that it needed. Either way they steadily lost weight and kept it off.

Effective weight loss treatments tend to be complementary medicine, not a cure all. Some things seem to be miracles because they are the missing factor. Adding acupuncture to healthy eating and exercise might be the very thing we need.