Sydney Bamboo Flooring

  • Sweep floor regularity with a fine broom. Any dirt on the floor will cause abrasion, mostly on the bamboo’s finish. Having people remove shoes at the front door is greatly beneficial.
  • After sweeping, mop the floor with a solution that is one part vinegar and 4 parts water, or use a hardwood cleaning solution. Use a damp mop rather than a soaking wet one, and dry as quickly as possible. Use towels for drying if possible. Many people find a microfiber mop is the best thing for damp cleaning bamboo.
  • Has a bottle of vinegar solution (4 part water to 1 part vinegar) for cleaning any spills on the bamboo floor. Clean with a sponge, and then dry with a towel.
  • Avoid oil based cleaners which often leave streaks on bamboo.
  • Put coasters or felt pads under furniture. Coasters can sometime be fixed to chair legs with bluetak. Else, use rugs under furniture.
  • Ultraviolet light from the Sun will cause fading to furniture and Bamboo flooring. Use heavier curtains or UV film on windows.


Sydney Laminate Flooring

  • Brush the surface with a light broom.
  • Mop with hot water. The mop should be damp and not soaking wet.
  • Let the surface air dry.
  • A very small amount of baby shampoo or mild detergent can be added to the hot water if the floor is dirtier than expected.
  • Some scuff marks can be removed with a pencil eraser, or melamine.
  • Any hard to remove stains can be cleaned with very dilute vinegar. Mop the floor afterward to remove any traces of vinegar.
  • Window cleaner can be used for very stubborn stains. Uses sparingly, and wash with hot water.


Sydney Engineered Flooring

  • Engineered floors have a thin veneer of quality wood over a base material. Avoid anything that will compromise the thin layer of veneer. Otherwise sweep and mop like a normal wooden floor.

Sydney loose lay vinyl flooring

This can be cleaned as vinyl flooring. To be covered in a future blog.