We spend a lot of time on our feet. Even when we are not walking or standing we need our feet for driving cars or pedalling bikes. Feet seem unimportant for sleeping or sitting, until we have a problem and realize how difficult it is sit sleep with painful feet. A few tricks can reduce problems and help us care for our feet.


Foot Odour

Foot odour is an issue with some people. But solutions are often not too difficult. Soaking feet in a tub of warm but strong tea removes many problems. This dries the skin slightly, and reduces the amount of sweating. It is often only necessary to do this once per week, and the cheapest types of tea seem most effective.


Putting some bicarbonate of Soda and cornflour in the shoes also seems to help odour problems.


Cracked Feet

Heel, and occasionally other part of the feet, can become calloused and cracked. Soaking in the following mixture can all but remove the problem.

  • 2 parts warm water
  • 1 part white vinegar.
  • 1 part Listerine.


Soak feet for 20 minutes, then rub the feet with an old towel. This will remove dead skin. Moisturise afterward. Repeat treatment monthly.


Sore Feet

There are many possible reasons for this. If a particular pair of shoes causes problems you can probably narrow down the cause, and perhaps stop wearing them. Else, arch supports or toe-spaces can remove many issues. See a specialist as soon as possible, lest problems develop further.


Socks Online

Changing the type of socks worn can make a significant difference. Cotton sock let the foot breathe more, and also soak up some moisture; these can be idea for summer. The downside is that they are not as warm and tend to wear out quickly. Sock are cheaper than dealing with foot issues. Buy plenty of comfortable summer and winter socks, and spend your time on important issues rather than minor foot irritants.