Some people are of the opinion that coaching for Selective school tests is cheating. This is a more complex problem than it first appears to be.


Some people have the misconception that the selective test is wrote learning – the mere memorization of information. This is not true at all. Were it true, then young students could do well by memorizing the information given them, provided the teachers and coaches gave them the right information to start with. But the selective school test is designed to find students able to process information, not just memorize it. Virtually all the information in such an exam should already be in the questions, an intelligent child should be able to derive the answer.


If coaching is effective it might be because it somehow increases intelligence. But if it were possible to increase intelligence, at least without great effort, people would be already pursuing this; and it would be a good thing. But there appears to be no easy way to increase one’s intellectual ability, and the methods that do provide some help (learning languages, developing music proficiency…etc.) are already in established and widespread.


There is a possibility that the present education system is holding back people with potential. If the education system emphasises wrote learning or formula following, or it is forced to cater to the least capable students in the class, then it is quite possible that brighter students are being held back.


If a child is ahead of their peers then coaching might well benefit them. It might give them the mental exercise to develop a little further, or it might get them beyond some of the limiting methods that wrote learning has impressed upon them. It should encourage independent thought, which is what is needed for both the selective school test and the selective school curriculum.


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If the child does not have the potential to go to a selective school no amount of coaching will alter this. The coaching may help the child develop, and their education will benefit to at least some degree, but nobody can exceed their own potential


If you send you child to be coached they have a better chance of doing well, both in the selective test and in other pursuits. It is vastly preferable to just missing out and wondering what could have been.