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Every clean office should have:

Good lighting:

Natural lighting is best, especially if you can filter out the UV rays (UVA and UVB). We seem to be fully awake when we get the right amount of rest and the right amount of natural light during the daytime; this gets our circadian rhythm properly synchronized. Large windows with good tinting are highly recommended. Failing that, try plenty of artificial lighting that imitates the natural light spectrum. This gives the office and its workers a sense of energy. It also makes the office look cleaner.

Air Conditioning:

Clean air in the issue here. You don’t want to be breathing in anything unhealthy; sick days are in nobody’s best interest. But even without the direct health benefits the clean air just makes for a better working environment.

Negative Ion generator:

These were designed to lean the air by removing airborne particles. But they also seem to perk people up a bit. Many filtration units include this function. If not, stand-alone units are not too expensive to buy.

A Scanner:

In the old days paper accumulated faster than dust. This is less of an issue now that most correspondences are emails, and most work is done online. Nonetheless if you do get hardcopy work and documents it is best to store them digitally. This saves a lot of shelf space. Documents more than a year old (last year’s tax) can be kept this way.


A good chair and comfortable desk make all the difference. Try working without these and notice the difference. They last for many years, so find an office supply group that can find you something that works for you.

The Coffee and Accessories:

Caffeine may not be great in large doses; I would actually recommend decaf where possible. None-the-less a good supply of green tea, ginseng powder, hot chocolate a coffee machine and anything that provides some healthy energy or endurance is a positive for any office. The 60 seconds it takes to make a cup of coffee is more than compensated for by the increased productivity it inspires.

Office Cleaning Sydney

All offices should be kept clean. Productivity is affected by many things. An unclean office is both a hindrance to morale and an obstacle to finding anything. An unhygienic office will cause illnesses, almost certainly compromising productivity. Office cleaning keeps everything in full working order.

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