The best Wedding Makeup is helped by healthy skin. A little advice:


Clean water is good for health in general, and your skin shows this. On the wedding day itself you might prefer to cut back for obvious reasons. Strangely, absolutely pure water causes problems by flushing our essential trace elements from our bodies.


Something we all should have started doing years ago. Sun exposure ages you, and the effects are cumulative. Tanning salons that use UV light are also bad, but at least the exposure is a controlled amount and usually confined to UVA. UVA will give you a tan but also slowly age your appearance. UVB simply causes sunburn.

There are countless types of sunscreens and makeups that include sunscreen. Experiment and find what suits you. Natural zinc products appear to be very good, and as zinc is needed by our body there is no problem if some gets into our skin.  Older sunscreen products were once quite visible on the skin, but this is hardly an issue today. We recommend SPF30 or more.

Contents of a container are usually effective for about two years after opening, discard after this time.


There are a thousand different hats and types of sunglasses on the market; nobody has an excuse for not finding one that suits them. Make sure sunglasses protect against UVA and UVB, and make them your constant companion outdoors.


Nothing new here, except that every year there is another health issue related to smoking. Smoking ages your skin, causes all sorts of issues and has no real positive side. Give it up.


Use morning and night, waiting at least 10 minutes before applying makeup. If you have mixed skin, get advice on where to and where not to apply it. Under the eye, near the bridge of your nose, application is advisable for everybody.

Some moisturizes work well when applied in the shower. Do some research.

Avoid soaps, most will de-moisturise you. A moisturising soap is preferable.


Exfoliating is usually recommended once a week. There are commercial products or DIY home remedies found by searching the net. Some people find baking soda and lemon juice does wonders.


Black circles and puffy eyes defeat the whole purpose of a beauty regime, so remove makeup before bed. Any attempts to cover this up with more makeup will be of limited success. Start each day with a clean face and a better night’s sleep by removing makeup before retiring for the night.


There is a lot of contradictory advice and there will always be fads, but at the same time our grandparent’s advice tended to be good. Avoid processes food and eat plenty of vegetables, nuts and fruit.

If your skin looks better for making the effort, then consider retaining all the good habits.

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