A few famous dishes found at any Korean Restaurant Sydney:

Bibimbap (Mixed casserole) – A casserole cooked in a stone pot, with rice, assorted vegetable, meat and apparently always topped with an egg.


Seafood Pancake – This is somewhere between a pizza and an omelette, if you can imagine a pizza with the ingredients inside rather than on top. This is pan fired and highly recommended.


Barbecue Wraps – Thin barbecued strips of meat wrapped in lettuce, with a few condiments. It works with pork, chicken and beef. All the ingredients are familiar, but the combination is a little different.


Korean food will nearly always come with side dishes (Banchan).

  • Pickled Radish (Danmuji) – Actually bright yellow in colour. From the chija.
  • Mung Bean Sprouts (Sukjunamul) – These are marinated, but still crunchy.
  • Anchovies – Though we know anchovies are salty these are also sweetened with honey. Stir fired these are very good.
  • Seasoned Seaweed– This varies, but the salt toasted version is recommended.
  • Pajeon – Pancake omelette again, but as a side dish.
  • Kimchi- The fermented vegetable that became the national dish, this is unbelievably good for the immune system.


Korean Restaurant Sydney CBD

Try some familiar ingredients prepared in some unfamiliar ways at a local Korean restaurant.