Real estate Photo Editing

  • Take multiple digital photos and pick the best shots. Standard practice these days.
  • Make sure photos are straight. People’s eyes will notice the vertical rather than the horizontal; make vertical lines look truly vertical.
  • If the angle of the photo causes the vertical and horizontal to meet at anything other than right angles, consider changing this (see below).
  • Try to use natural light to get an image that does not need re-touching or as little retouching as possible.
  • Artificial lighting can make a room photo look yellow. This gives an old fashioned feel to a house, which is usually not what is wanted. Colour correct this.
  • Consider one-point perspective – where all the lines in a picture point to the centre. Standing at one end of a room so that the opposite wall is in the centre will create this effect. The lines where the ceiling joins the walls, and the lines where the wall join the floor, will all point towards the centre of the far wall.
  • With a smaller room it can help to stand in one corner and shoot into the opposing corner. This can make the room look bigger.
  • If using a flash, be mindful of reflections.


Real Estate Photo Retouching Services

  • Slanted Photos can be corrected in many ways, including Photoshop ruler tool.
  • Skew, where the vertical and horizontal meet at something other than right angles, can be corrected with skew. But if the eye is aware of the angel of the shot it sometime compensates for this. As always, as long as the image looks natural it is acceptable.
  • Lighten images in whatever way looks like natural daylight.
  • Dim images look poor, bad contrast looks poor. Slightly overbright and slightly increased contrast won’t cause problems.
  • Reduce flare, bright spots and reflections.
  • If the images look great, you can ignore any rule that suggests otherwise.


Consider real estate photo editing. If the real estate photo retouching brings in one more bidder or one more offer for a home, the effort is well worthwhile.