Cosmetic tattooing gives you the look of well applied makeup without you having to spend time applying it. It can be nearly indistinguishable for conventional makeup, without the hassle, and can be augmented by conventional makeup should the situation warrant it.

Cosmetic tattooing is also used to restore a more natural look after scaring, burns, medical procedures or other events that have affected the skin. Alternately, it can be used to conceal birthmarks or uneven skin tone.

Supplies for cosmetic tattooing are specialized instruments, reflecting the intricate nature of the industry and service. Sterilization of equipment is important, though with correct procedures any complications are relatively uncommon.

A single supplier for all equipment is a better option, providing a full selection with minimal postage cost.

Cosmetic tattoo supplies include:

  • Protective gloves – disposable type, and safety glasses.
  • Needles, available in several different types.
  • Application machine
  • Disinfectant – for keeping equipment clean. This is essential to prevent infection.
  • Pigments – for the actual colour that is applied. We strongly advise against mixing pigments from different suppliers/manufacturers.
  • Topical ointments to promote healing
  • Biohazard trash bags

Anaesthetics: an important factor in themselves, Anaesthetics for cosmetic surgery have to be safe to use near a patient’s eye area, and must have PH factor what does affect the pigmentation of the tattoo.

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