The most popular places for decals are:

  • Plastic models decals- Planes, model trains and automobiles.
  • Music instruments and their cases – guitar decals with musical or animated images.
  • Windows- anything image works here. And it’s safer because we know there is glass.
  • Pottery – actually, this is where decals started.
  • Cupboards walls and baby rooms. Alphabet learning or cartoon characters.
  • Cars – why not let the exterior reflect your inner fantasy. Or show there is a child on board.

The Most popular decals to use:

  • Cartoon images – there’s a million characters, you are bound to identify with one.
  • Quotes from any source. Remind yourself of your mission statement, or be comical.
  • Realistic waterslide decals for model kits.
  • Any cultural icon, real or fictional; Che Guevara to the Simpsons
  • Flowers, birds, bears or anything cute
  • Landmarks – from the Eiffel tower Stonehenge.
  • Famous paintings
  • Religious symbols
  • Geometric patterns

Modern printing services can provide customer decals in any form. Any image that can be shown on a computer screen can be printed in inkjet decal paper or waterslide decal paper.