dentist sydney - a few myths

Soda will dissolve a tooth overnight

An exaggeration, but still a concern. Soda has similar amounts of acid and sugar to many fruit juices and sports drinks. None of these things will literally dissolve a tooth in a short period of time, but they will cause serious decay. Rinse with water, and brush your teeth 30 minutes later to reduce the effects of acid and sugar.

Wisdom Teeth have no use

Our wisdom teeth come through later in lie, usually after the age of twenty. Given the pain they cause, and the fact they often don’t fit in our mouths we can understand why people find them annoying. But they once served to replace other teeth that wore out. And it now seems they will be a future source of stem cells. Though often painful they look to have their uses.

Cosmetic dentistry is just to look good.

There is no simple line between form and function. Things that look neat and tidy tend to work well, though this is not an absolute. Many procedures are performed to make the mouth look attractive, but at the very least they encourage people to look after their teeth; and the teeth will be easier to clean as well. Most procedures concentrate on health, with improved appearance being a side effect.

Orthodontics is just for appearance.

As with cosmetic dentistry there is no simple dividing line here. Orthodontics aims at improving the alignment of the jaw, the spacing of the teeth and giving a patient an even bite. When this is done the patient has a better functioning mouth; it often gives them a better smile as a side-effect.

Don’t be afraid to visit a cosmetic dentist, Sydney has many fine dental facilities. Even if you are only looking to improve your dental appearance you will probably be benefiting your health as well.

For those seeking Dental care Sydney has some fine practitioners. Dental health is a great investment; few other things are with you every moment of your life.