Sydney is fortunate to have a good water supply. Not only are there extremely few issues with contamination, the small amount of fluoride added to the water helps considerably in reducing dental decay. Ironically the more recent trend towards bottled water over the last 20 years has had a negative impact here. Perhaps healthy in other ways bottled water does not usually contain fluoride, meaning individuals drinking bottled water do net receive this added protection for their teeth.

With several respected universities providing training and qualifications, and many dental practices throughout the city, Sydney is well catered for dental facilities.

young girl check her teeth at dental  clinic

NSW has a Medicare dental Benefit scheme for children. This allows free dental care valued up to $1000.00, renewed every two years, to be bulk billed for every child. Children need to be between 2 two and seventeen years of age. Relatively few families take advantage of this opportunity.

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