Purchasing any jewellery can be an involved process. Sometimes we don’t notice this if we are enjoying ourselves. At other times we find it stressful because of the importance we put on the jewellery or the event it is attached to. Having multiple options should help the process, and should help us find the particular piece that suits us. But sometimes there is agony in too much choice.


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There are many occasions where people purchase jewellery. One common to most people is during the time preceding a wedding. Wedding and engagement rings almost always include diamonds. They are hopefully a once in a lifetime purchase, and something the groom and bride will put considerable though into.


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Almost everybody purchasing a wedding or engagement ring is doing so for the first time. Yet many people have been anticipating the ring they want for their entire life. Often people have a simple idea for a design – a particular gemstone they like on a gold band. But they are unfamiliar with the different ways to mount the stone, or the many other design options available.


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Those intending to purchase a wedding or engagement ring would do well to familiarise themselves with all the options available. Twisted bands, halo settings, matching wedding rings, curved bands, engagement and wedding rings that fit together; these are all possibilities. It is terrible to feel afterwards that there was another option that might have been preferable. As the same time, there will always be more possibilities than we can expect to have.


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The cost of a ready-made ring is always greater than the cost of the gemstone and other parts. The construction quality and craftsmanship is often quite high, but the mark-up is considerable. It is far more cost effective to choose a particularity good gemstone and have it set. Premade rings are a good indication of the different possibilities available. We recommend finding the type of designs you like, and having a ring made to suit your preferences.


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Purchasing a wholesale diamond and having it set allows for a well-crafted ring to be made for about half the price of a similar retail ring.