We tend to employ professional cleaners for two reasons:

  • We lack the time to do all the cleaning ourselves; even enjoyable lifestyles are busy.
  • We now the professionals achieve optimal results.

Part of the reason why professionals get the best results is due to the equipment they use. Industrial strength vacuums are designed to operate all day, and their powerful motors pick up more dirt than conventional models. They can also filter out 99% of the dust and allergens in the carpet. Conventional model vacuums usually don’t have HEPA filters, which remove very fine particles from the carpet and air. Professional cleaners remove these fine particles and prevent them from circulating in the air. This filtering of allergens and other material is a great health benefit; we no longer breathe in harmful particles. Individuals suffering from asthma, hay fever or any allergies can greatly benefit from professional and thorough cleaning.

Professionals also use steam cleaning. This is usually only necessary every six months, but it dramatically improves the condition and life of the carpet. It is possible to hire steam cleaning equipment, but it is more effective to include steam treatment in a professional cleaning service. There are professional techniques to steam cleaning, and carpets are often given a chemical treatment afterward. The results of these services speak for themselves.

Ask about treatments that extend the life of your carpet. Some of these treatments, like Scotchgard, can be applied when the carpet is first laid and will last indefinitely. Other treatments must be reapplied after each steam cleaning, about every six months. All treatments extend the life of your carpet and resit stains, making them very cost effective.