Hints For a Heathier Life






Eating a better diet makes all the difference. Even if we only feel a slight improvement it is worth the effort.  A healthier system improves every aspect of our life.


Make things convenient for yourself.

People often complain they don’t have the time, which is a semi-valid issue. Or else, they have trouble motivating themselves. But this is our heath we are taking about; making time to improve our health means we can do everything else a little better.


Try preparing things to use beforehand. Cut up some vegetables and fruit and leave them in the fridge ready to be blended in the morning. You may feel this is a lot of trouble in the morning, but if it’s ready to go you find there is minimal effort. Drinking some vegetable/fruit juice in the morning is a solid way to improve your health.


Most processes food is of poor quality, the exceptions being foods specifically designed to be healthy. Superfoods smoothie mix is made from organic ingredients, and is free from preservatives. This avoids all the problems associated with other convenient foods.


Superfood Smoothies Australia

Order some superfoods smoothie online and have them ready to use at home, work, in the car or carry one in the purse/briefcase. Avoid bad snaking habits by having a better option with you at all times.

Martial Arts Quotes






Knowledge and mental attitude are part of any physical training, especially Martial arts training. A few insights, few good quotes can mean we approach our training in a more effective manner.


“By knowing things that exist, you can know that which does not exist.”

In the void is virtue, and no evil. Wisdom has existence, principle has existence, the Way has existence, spirit is nothingness.”

Miyamoto Musashi – The Book of Five rings


“Training is one of the most neglected phases of athletics. Too much time is given to the development of skill and too little to the development of the individual for participation. …

“Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.

Bruce Lee


“In the struggle between the stone and water, in time, the water wins”

“Fall down 7 times, get up 8 times.”


Japanese Proverbs

“Use your head, or somebody else might.”

“The more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in practice”


“There is no finish line. When you reach one goal, fine a new one”

Chuck Norris


Karate is a form of martial arts in which people who have had years and years of training can, using only their hands and feet, make some of the worst movies in the history of the world.

— Dave Barry

The Most Popular Korean Dishes






According to a few travel surveys the most popular Korean dishes, at least with visitors to the country, include:



Resembling Japanese Sushi this dish is half familiar to modern westerners, though it probably would have been considered strange before the 1980s. It did in fact develop from the Japanese seaweed roll, but the ingredients are Korean. Perhaps a little unadventurous, this is tasty in all its different varieties.



This lunch-in-a-bowl was once a royal dish, but now the common people can eat like kings! It is a simple yet healthy mix of rice, vegetables, beef and egg, with a little sesame oil and chilli paste.



Soy sauce may be ubiquitous in Asian food, but it is actually a by-product of Doenjang. This is not a food insolation but a paste included in many other dishes. If you approach it like vegemite you will soon understand the appeal.


Haemul Pajeon

Somewhere between an omelette and a pancake, with the toppings from a pizza. There is nothing unfamiliar about any of these things, but the combination is rather unique.



This is simply leafy vegetables wrapped around a filling, usually pork. A pleasant combination.



This is a staple food in Korean, and the national dish. It may not be the single most popular dish with tourists, but it comes very close. As spicy tasting cuisine is fairly universal, along with fermentation, so this popularity should not be too surprising. The benefits Kimchi provides to our immune system are a bonus.


Korean Buffet Sydney

Any Korean barbecue Sydney has, or any Korean Buffet, should have all these dishes. Some people enjoy all of them. Everybody finds they enjoy at least a few.


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Exhibition Stand Displays Sydney

No medium imposes too many restrictions. It is our ability to be creative within the confines of a certain situation that counts. There are those who believe that the restrictions are necessary for creativity; without restrictions we might have nothing but blank space. This applies as much to commercial design as it does to art.


Exhibition Stand Displays Sydney               

If we have to design a display we have a certain amount of space to work within, and a certain product or service to promote. We usually have a huge selection of colours, and other aspects of the design are virtually unlimited. As long as we can make something that conveys the right message and fits all its elements together coherently, then we have at least some worthy ideas.


Inspire Creative thoughts

  • Get up early in the morning. If you have some creative ideas left over from dreams, write them down. If not, early rising is still an advantage. We seem to be far less prone to being stuck in a rut.
  • Avoid routines. Our brains tend to solve problems by themselves, but this can work against us. Today’s rut was the solutions to yesterday’s problem, and it was quite creative the first time we thought of it.
  • Stress is a mixed blessing. It can force us to be creative, or cause us to be paralysed. Yet it can be a change from routine, as long as the routine was not the cause of the stress.
  • Learn to entertain ideas for the sake of farfetched possibilities. If you entertain enough ideas you will probably find a few that work. You might also be frustrated at having to choose between several equally good options.
  • Keep taking notes. Ideas occur at the oddest moments. It is infuriating to lose an idea because you though you could remember it.
  • Keep the restrictions of the situation in mind. These are the framework in which to work.


Exhibition Booth Displays Sydney  

  • Consider if you have a Row booth, Corner booth, End booth, or an Island booth.
  • Display booths can be completely open, partly obscured by signs, or the type of enclosed booth that the visitor has to enter. The first type are open and inviting, the second type can have some sense of mystery or exclusivity.
  • Consider adding some lights, including colours.
  • Moving items, even just a video on a monitor, has far more impact than static displays.
  • Push button activities are often worthwhile.
  • Once you know the location and type of booth you will have, imagine the ultimate set up in that situation.


Pop Up Exhibition Displays Sydney

Pop up displays are quite portable, and with a decent design they are quite versatile. Adding a few of these to a display booth can make all the difference. Alternately, a desk with a few pop up displays is almost a booth.

Self Defence






Self Defence for women Sydney

  • In any situation the best advice it to stay level headed. A person who can think clearly on their feet always has an advantage. Of course this is easier said than done; we don’t know how we react till we find ourselves in such a situation. Breathing techniques help, as will familiarity with stressful situations. If you have been use to adrenaline before you are partly familiar with the situation.
  • Blocking a hit can actually work against you. An attacker expects to hit you or be blocked. If you can fend off the attack and dodge them you confuse their expectations, at least to a small extent.
  • Move the body. Standing still is a mistake. If you are knocked to the ground, keep moving and try to trip them.
  • If you have to attack, confuse them by hitting from all directions. Tripping them up helps. Anything that confuses them is an advantage.
  • Keep the confrontation as short as possible. If you prolong it by just defending yourself you give them more opportunities to land a successful punch. Attack and then get away,
  • Don’t hit their mouth. You are just as likely to damage your hand as damage them; and you don’t want your hands damaged as you need then to fight. Hitting the opponent’s mouth will probably give your hand an open cut.


If you have some self-defence training you may find you respond out of instinct. The best techniques in the world are wasted if you freeze up in a conflict. But if you are used to sparring and the adrenaline rush you will handle the situation better. Some people find they develop a reflex for responding to a situation. This is what you need when seriously provoked- responding before you have a chance to feel fear.





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Sydney Day Tours Package






How did the various Australian sites get their names?

Three Sisters

For a long time these were thought to be named after an aboriginal legend; supposedly three sisters from one aboriginal tribe were romantically linked to three men from another tribe, despite the fact that marriage was forbidden. Supposedly the three sisters were turned to stone to protect them during a battle over this issue, and they could never be turned back. Unfortunately, this legend seems to be a fabrication from the early twentieth century.

The name is shared with a small group of islands in Queensland and some other rocky islands near Tasmania.


12 Apostles.

These were once grouped with mutton bird island and named ‘sow and piglets’. The name was changed to 12 apostles because this was though to sound more tourists friendly. There were only ever 9 formations, so the ‘12’ is misleading. One formation collapse in 2005, leaving 8.


Blue Mountains

Seen from a distance the mia haze in the atmosphere from the numerous eucalyptus trees makes the area look blue.


Zig Zag Railway

Early steam engines were not as powerful as modern transport. In order to lessen the slope they needed to ascend the railway tracks were layered diagonally across the mountains, in a back and forth manner. Modern railways in these areas no longer do this, and use the steep slope as a selling point.



The empty area above the Great Australian Bight was simply a Latin Phrase meaning ‘no trees’.

Floaters in the Eye

Floaters are slowly moving shapes that appear in an individual’s vision. They are not optical illusions, nor are they present outside of the person’s body. Rather, they are entoptic phenomena – minor malfunctions in the eye mechanism, analogous to ringing the ears.


Floaters vary in size, shape and transparency. They are more noticeable when contrasted against a bright, blank external background. Though actually so small that attending optometrist cannot see them they appear large to the afflicted individual because of their close proximity to the retina.


Floaters are actually shadows case by imperfection in the vitreous humour, the thick gel like fluid inside the eye.  This gel material is usually transparent. But if any part of the material ceases to be transparent it casts a vague, translucent shadow on the retina, which is seen as a floater.


Floaters may cause some initial confusion and frustration as patients try to unsuccessfully direct their gaze towards them. But they are harmless unless they exist in great numbers. They will appear to slowly drift though the field of vision as they move through the fluid of the eye. As they will follow any of the eye motions it is very difficult to look at them directly. Over time the mind often learns to tune them out of the individual’s vision.


Floaters are more common in older individuals, though they occasionally appear in young children. The protein fibres in older eyes tend to clump together over time, producing the denser spot in the eye fluid that lies behind floaters; though floaters can be caused by other non-transparent parts of the eye fluid.


Optometrist Sydney CBD

A sudden large increase in the number of floaters is a bad sign, especially if it occurs with flashes of light or other vision issues. This should be professionally examined and treated by a doctor or optometrist. Otherwise the occurrence of floaters is a minor issue.

Talk to your Sydney Optometrist if you have any queries.


sbhi - office cleaning sydney

Every clean office should have:

Good lighting:

Natural lighting is best, especially if you can filter out the UV rays (UVA and UVB). We seem to be fully awake when we get the right amount of rest and the right amount of natural light during the daytime; this gets our circadian rhythm properly synchronized. Large windows with good tinting are highly recommended. Failing that, try plenty of artificial lighting that imitates the natural light spectrum. This gives the office and its workers a sense of energy. It also makes the office look cleaner.

Air Conditioning:

Clean air in the issue here. You don’t want to be breathing in anything unhealthy; sick days are in nobody’s best interest. But even without the direct health benefits the clean air just makes for a better working environment.

Negative Ion generator:

These were designed to lean the air by removing airborne particles. But they also seem to perk people up a bit. Many filtration units include this function. If not, stand-alone units are not too expensive to buy.

A Scanner:

In the old days paper accumulated faster than dust. This is less of an issue now that most correspondences are emails, and most work is done online. Nonetheless if you do get hardcopy work and documents it is best to store them digitally. This saves a lot of shelf space. Documents more than a year old (last year’s tax) can be kept this way.


A good chair and comfortable desk make all the difference. Try working without these and notice the difference. They last for many years, so find an office supply group that can find you something that works for you.

The Coffee and Accessories:

Caffeine may not be great in large doses; I would actually recommend decaf where possible. None-the-less a good supply of green tea, ginseng powder, hot chocolate a coffee machine and anything that provides some healthy energy or endurance is a positive for any office. The 60 seconds it takes to make a cup of coffee is more than compensated for by the increased productivity it inspires.

Office Cleaning Sydney

All offices should be kept clean. Productivity is affected by many things. An unclean office is both a hindrance to morale and an obstacle to finding anything. An unhygienic office will cause illnesses, almost certainly compromising productivity. Office cleaning keeps everything in full working order.

If you need office cleaning Sydney has several fine regular services.