Bamboo has only been used as flooring in the recent past, quickly becoming popular because of its appearance, durability and environmental potential.  But as with all new products there has been some trial and error involved, with some developments working better than others. It helps to know what to look for.


Bamboo looks and feels a lot like wood, even as it is a grass. Its great advantage is that it can grow to a useable product in just a few years. Quality hardwood takes 30 to 60 years before it is useable as timber. This, along with the ability to grow in areas not likely to interfere with wildlife, makes it an environmentally sound option.


But good quality bamboo needs at least 6 years to obtain its full strength. At this full strength it is comparable to hardwood. Any bamboo harvested after only 3 years is soft, and prone to damage. Insist on bamboo of the proper age, at least for flooring.


Bamboo flooring can be divided into three types:

  • Vertical Grain – Strips of bamboo stacked on edge and bonded together.
  • Flat Grain – Horizontal strips of bamboo laminated together
  • Strand bamboo – Consists of fibres bonded together.


Like many housing products Bamboo may be made with formaldehyde. Check with the manufacturer; it may be necessary to air the rooms for several days.


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Laminate flooring Perth

Those who do not want a wooden finish there is also laminate flooring, made to resemble any stone, tiles or artificial surface.