We hear a lot about Ultra Violet light (UV) causing sunburn and eye problems. We should know to buy some decent quality Sunglasses and wear sunscreen. But we might be less aware of the useful side of UV light.


UV Light is very effective for disinfecting surfaces and purifying liquids. A few minutes exposure with the light will destroy the vast majority of germs. This is limited by how much of the surface the UV actually reaches. Small cavities may continue to harbour bacteria and germs if not effectively exposed to the UV light. Large particles in water may also cause issues as bacteria inside the particles are shielded from UV exposure.


House Cleaning Services

The UV wand has been popular for many years, usually to clean items like mattresses. As items like mattresses and some other large surfaces are difficult to wash (you cannot put them in the washing machine!) The UV light wand is often the only practical solution.  The only downside is the time taken. The house cleaner must expose the surface to UV light for several minutes in order for cleaning to be completely effective.


Office Cleaning Sydney

UV light Office Cleaning is similar to house cleaning. Areas prone to germs and similar issues will benefit greatly from a few minutes of UV light exposure. Sinks, food preparations surfaces, microwaves and fridges could all disinfected with a UV wand.


End of Lease Cleaning

We might tend to think of UV light as killing invisible bacteria rather than reducing obvious mess. As such, it would seem to be of little use for end of lease cleaning, where the point is to make the property look tidy. But UV light is useful for getting rid of many odours caused by germs and bacteria.  Getting rid of poor odours is important for a rental property.


House Cleaning Sydney

Ask you home cleaner about UV treatment for pillows, mattresses and any other surfaces that cannot be laundered in the traditional way.