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Some tip for getting rid of unpleasant odour.

Summer has its advantages- we can open the windows and air out the house. In winter we didn’t really have this option unless we wanted to re-heat the place afterwards. But opening the doors and windows means we can be rid of any odours, or at least reduce them temporarily. It you have a few unpleasant factors in the air, here’s a few ideas. Home cleaning is only partly effective if the house smells bad.

Cigarette Smoke

As if the health concerns weren’t bad enough the smell of tobacco persists for weeks. Carpets and curtains are notorious for this. Try baking soda on all affected areas, and leave it on for several hours (overnight). Vacuum it up with a HEPA equipped machine. If this doesn’t work, you might need to hire a carpet shampoo device.

Garbage disposal Sinks

Try vinegar or even oxygen bleach while the mechanism is running. Else, let it soak overnight if possible.

 Pet smells

Unfortunately this is an ongoing thing. The stains themselves can be helped by dry baking soda, or with baking soda mixed with vinegar. Make up a spray bottle with the right ingredients. Putting affected furniture in the Sun for a few hours can make all the difference, though fading fabric is an issue.

The smell will largely disappear if the cause is cleaned up each time. But if it does persist you may need an air filter or an ionizer.


These will be nauseating after a few years of use. I don’t know which I hate more, the smell of the thought of my eating utensils being in there.

Run the dishwasher through the usual cycle with white vinegar instead of detergent.


Musty drawers.

Try emptying draws and leaving them in the Sun for a day of two. Clean the clothes (or other contents) to make sure that isn’t the real problem and the leave some baking soda in the draws for a day or two. Latter add some moisture absorbing silica gel packets (the type that some with vitamins) to prevent moisture issues.


Fridge odour

First try removing any old food; it might not be the fridge itself. Then, after a thorough detergent wipe-down, leave some baking soda, a cut Spanish onion or some active charcoal somewhere inconspicuous – these rapidly soak up smells. Replace periodically.


Home cleaning can become more effective with these preventative measures