There is a thinner boundary than expected between a person’s mind and their environment. It varies with the emotional sensitivity of the individual, but the environment affects our way of thinking. We care less about order and honest in a disorganized environment. We might continue to be honest of our own volition, but we don’t feel the same as when we are in an organized situation.


Some studies have shown that people are less honest when they are in an area that is littered and covered in graffiti. An untidy house appears to have a similar effect, even as the mess is our own. We might know we are supposed to be honest, especially in tidy surroundings, but the idea seems less relavent when we are buried in a mess. And is we are inclined to be dishonest with ourselves in such an environment we may cause ourselves some severe confusion.


It is not unusual for depressed people to be negligent when it comes to tidying the house. But this may well lead to a downward spiral. The untidy environment discourages them from caring; part of this lack of caring is not trying to sort themselves out, and part of this ties to the fact that they don’t feel they have to be honest with themselves. Truth is coherent. When we live in an incoherent world we stop caring about making ourselves coherent; we don’t care about contradictions and we don’t try to sort is all out.


We tend to sense the way behaviour overlaps in different aspects of our life. If a person has a messy house it is hard to believe they are a meticulous accountant who pays their tax on time. Maybe a few people do have this contradictory nature, but there are more individuals who once had it altogether only to let it slide over time. Tidying the house would be the first step to getting back on track.


Cleaning your environment is a way of gaining mastery of yourself. The individual doesn’t feel as helpless, and they become better at managing their life and emotions.


Home Cleaning

Professional home cleaners are great at looking after the details and maintaining a household’s upkeep. If an individual can keep their bookshelves in order the professional cleaner is there to do the dusting. But even when somebody else is helping clean house the individual life feels better for it.