Floored By Design Trends

Trends come and go, but they may well leave some good home designs along the way.


Dark Timber Flooring Perth

Near black or dark chocolate can work well will light walls and furnishings; it is contrast that works here. Everything dark looks like a horror film. Stark contrasts look vivid and clean.  Th

Almost any wood can be stained dark, but you would want to start with a good quality products.

If you do have dark flooring any decor options must fit in with this look. Else, floors can be partially covered with a lighter rug.


Dark Tiles Flooring Perth

Alterantly, tiles and vinyl work well with dark colours.

Dark colours do hide imperfections well, but some scuff marks and scratches are occasionally an issue.

Bamboo Flooring Perth - Westlake Flooring

Gray Laminate Flooring Perth

Gray is being recognized as the great new neutral colour. If you want the floor to be a pleasant background so that the furnishings and wall décor stand out, then gray proves extemelty versatile.

Gray laminate floors are neat and reliable, and look quite open and spacious. But you will need the décor to have a certain something lest the whole effect be dull.


Bamboo Flooring Perth

Bamboo floors are not a new trend, but there are an increasing number of options with bamboo. Engineered bamboo planks make installation easier than ever before, and planks can be made far wider than previously, which gives a different décor look.

As always, bamboo has many colour options, and can look very much like traditional timber.

Phone Repairs Ashfield

People and technology interact in unpredictable ways. We never are quite sure if a new product will catch on, if it will be used as intended, or if it will cause unexpected reactions or side-effects.

Mobile phones are here to stay, even as a few people have issues with overuse or avoidance.



This one is unique to the mobile phone age, though the concept is not too far removed from dependency issues. Sufferers of nomophobia cannot stand to be out of mobile phone contact, and will grow anxious or panic if they lose reception, lose their phone device, or if their mobile battery runs flat. Symptoms are literally physical, with heart and perspiration increasing when phone contact is even temporarily lost.

phone repairs newtown - ETS Cellular

De Quervain syndrome –

This is an injury involving the thumb and wrist. The tendons in the hand that control the movement of the thumb become painful, and the base of the thumb swells.

De Quervain syndrome was discovered late in the 19th century, and thought to be a form of repetitive stain injury- repeatedly using the hands in a way that is harmful. The fact that people who use their thumbs to type on a portable device seem more prone to the injury suggest this repetitive strain theory is valid.

Correct use of the fingers to type should prevent this serious ailment.


Mobile Phone Repairs Sydney         

While mobile phones are often replaced every few years they do sometime require repair. If your phone has suffered an accident, or if there is some inexplicable malfunction, we can set things right.


iPhone Repairs Sydney

iPhones remain a market leader, making nearly half the smartphones in circulation and being the standard that other based their design upon. If you iPhone does need repair we are qualified and fully authorized to undertake repairs.


ETS cellular for phone repairs Newtown


Window Tinting Perth

For the last two generations we have been warned about the dangers of too much Sun exposure. This advice was later tempered by the realization that we needed at least some Sunlight in order to produce vitamin D. But as people we still tend to get too much Sun exposure, while our houses, cars and other possessions also benefit from some Sun protection.

The visible light from the Sun is not too much of an issue. But the light just outside the region, the infrared below visible light and the Ultraviolet above it will potentially cause some problems.

Infrared light will cause objects to get hotter. Think of a car’s interior on a hot summer day.

Ultraviolet light causes Sunburn in people, and fading of paint, upholstery, furniture, leather and many other products. People do need a small amount of UV to be healthy.

The perfect new car of your choice selected from a row of different european marques of used cars for retail sale on a motor dealers forecourt all logos removed

The perfect new car of your choice selected from a row of different european marques of used cars for retail sale on a motor dealers forecourt all logos removed

Car Window Tinting Perth        

Tinting your car windows will protect the interior of the car. Because the infrared light is blocked the car will not heat up as much in the Sun. Because the ultraviolet light is blocked the interior will suffer very little fading or damage. The driver and passengers will have a much more comfortable experience.

For legal and safety reasons the front windscreen of a car cannot be tinted. We suggest an internal Sunshade for the windscreen when parking.

House Window Tinting Perth

House window tinting works on the same principle. Ordinary glass will block some ultraviolet light (about 25%), but tinted windows will block 99.9% of the Ultraviolet. This means carpets, furniture and curtains will not suffer fading. Many homes had previously draw the curtains to protect the house interior, but the curtains themselves were still subject to ultraviolet damage, and the natural light was blocked. This meant electric light was required, which raised power bills.

Tinted windows also lower power bills by blocking infrared light. The house is cooler when infrared light is reduced, so air conditioning costs are greatly reduced.

Car Detailing Perth               

As the name implies Car detailing looks after all the details of a car’s appearance – the shiny chrome, the upholstery …etc. It helps considerably if these interior items have not suffered any Sun damage. Tinted Windows help preserve the car interior.

Car Ceramic paint Protection Coating Perth           

As tinted windows protect the inside of a car so ceramic paint protection protects the outside of the car. These paint protectors last several years, and prove more cost effective than regularly repeated waxing.