WOW TILING –Tile Regrouting Perth

What is grouting?

Grouting is a mixture of cement, sand and sometimes epoxy; it is used to fill the gaps between tiles and (partly to) hold them in place. It is designed to be waterproof, provided that it is made from a fresh compound and applied well. Grout can be coloured to suit the style of tile.


Why coloured grout?

Tiling should look good as well as function well. A grout colour that matches the tiles will make the tiles floor look continuous. It will also cover smaller imperfections. A grout colour that contrasts with the tiling will make the individuals tiles stand out.  Dark colour grouting and tiles tend show the dirt less than lighter colours. Both are reasonably easy to clean.


Can grout be lightened or darkened?

Older grout can become discoloured over time. Cleaning with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda  can restore the original colour, but cannot lighten the grout any more than this. Grout can also be stained a darker colour. This is so effective that it makes the tiles look new.


What is sanded grout?

This is a stronger form of grout, the extra strength being required for any gaps more than 3mm in width.  This is more common with larger tiles, such as in modern kitchens.


What is sealing

To be properly watertight the grout should be sealed. This is a compound applied to the grout after installation, and reapplied annually. Properly sealed tiles last for many years.


Does grout hold the tiles in place?

The tiles are initially adhered to the floor with mortar. Once the mortar is set the grout is applied between the tiles. The grout holds the final job together. The mortar under the tiles is only part of the job. Apart from filling the gaps between tiles the grout is necessary for locking it all into place.


Why is regrouting difficult.

Grout is designed to be strong, and hence hard to remove. It is also positioned between in small spaces between tiles, so removal is delicate work if you do not want tiles damaged.


Regrouting Perth

Most people choose professionals to assess the situation with their tiles and undertake regrouting. The results are long lasting.







TAURUS FLOORING – Cleaning Advice


Sydney Bamboo Flooring

  • Sweep floor regularity with a fine broom. Any dirt on the floor will cause abrasion, mostly on the bamboo’s finish. Having people remove shoes at the front door is greatly beneficial.
  • After sweeping, mop the floor with a solution that is one part vinegar and 4 parts water, or use a hardwood cleaning solution. Use a damp mop rather than a soaking wet one, and dry as quickly as possible. Use towels for drying if possible. Many people find a microfiber mop is the best thing for damp cleaning bamboo.
  • Has a bottle of vinegar solution (4 part water to 1 part vinegar) for cleaning any spills on the bamboo floor. Clean with a sponge, and then dry with a towel.
  • Avoid oil based cleaners which often leave streaks on bamboo.
  • Put coasters or felt pads under furniture. Coasters can sometime be fixed to chair legs with bluetak. Else, use rugs under furniture.
  • Ultraviolet light from the Sun will cause fading to furniture and Bamboo flooring. Use heavier curtains or UV film on windows.


Sydney Laminate Flooring

  • Brush the surface with a light broom.
  • Mop with hot water. The mop should be damp and not soaking wet.
  • Let the surface air dry.
  • A very small amount of baby shampoo or mild detergent can be added to the hot water if the floor is dirtier than expected.
  • Some scuff marks can be removed with a pencil eraser, or melamine.
  • Any hard to remove stains can be cleaned with very dilute vinegar. Mop the floor afterward to remove any traces of vinegar.
  • Window cleaner can be used for very stubborn stains. Uses sparingly, and wash with hot water.


Sydney Engineered Flooring

  • Engineered floors have a thin veneer of quality wood over a base material. Avoid anything that will compromise the thin layer of veneer. Otherwise sweep and mop like a normal wooden floor.

Sydney loose lay vinyl flooring

This can be cleaned as vinyl flooring. To be covered in a future blog.


Gl academy – Tutoring.

Some General Principles of Tutoring

A student needs to find the tutor approachable. This is less an issue at tertiary levels, where students have become use to this type of relationship. Younger students vary; many have had approachable teachers, others find some adult approachable, while others are not. There is no one method here. Individual tutors have to find what works for them.

Older students sometime feel they are a burden on the tutor’s time. This is not the case with questions asked in class time. Tutors should convey the idea that they are there for the student’s benefit, and any study related topic that does not cross into anyone’ personal time is acceptable.

Some Ethical Situations

There have been some concerns with school teachers who also work as tutors. One is that teachers inadvertently focus on tutoring preparations to the detriment of the regular lessons. The other is that the regular lessons are deliberately compromised so that there is a market for private lessons.[1]

Adding Private tutors to the regular school system has several advantages, and avoids some ethical issues. One advantage is that the tutor can give a different perspective to the regular teacher; students many find they understand the subject matter when it is approached differently. A tutor can vary teaching approach according to the individual. A related matter is that the tutor and teacher may have different areas of expertise. Students can learn from a tutor anything not fully covered by the teacher.

It is in the interest of private tutors for the student to do well. Private tutors so not have other lessons to compromise, not any reason to not achieve the best results possible. The greater the improvement with the students the better this reflects on the tutor.

GL ACADEMY – Approach in a Selective School

gl academy

Selective Schools have many advantages, though some are controversial.


The academically competitive nature of these schools can either encourage students to perform or leave them discouraged. This depends on the suitability of the individual, and perhaps their level of maturity. If a child passes the entrance test they should be capable of working well at a selective school, though a period of adjustment is quite common.


Normal cost and fees. Government selective schools achieve impressive HSC results. Private schools also achieve good results, but at considerable financial cost to the parents.


Like Minded students – Having the child know they are intelligent and capable, while still recognizing the comparable intelligence of others around them, is a valuable lesson. Children learn to value themselves for achievement rather than competitiveness of superiority.


A different approach – A criticism of many schools is that they encourage rote learning. This is partly the limitation imposed by the students. Less capable individuals must resort to rote learning. Intelligent individuals can understand the topic and approach the information more creatively. Selective schools take the more intelligent approach.


Ethnic diversity is high in selective school, but there is concern over the larger percentage of children from foreign families. There is no clear reason for the larger number of students from foreign backgrounds. If student are capable there should not be a problem.


Student already enrolled in private schools may find the school is reluctant to let them take a selective school test or accept a selective school position. This is unethical, but it is a testimony to the appeal of selective schools.


Selective schools are advantageous to the student who are prepared for and suited to that environment. Some primary school tutoring can help a child reach its potential and maximise both the chances of acceptance and the benefits of a selective school place.


Australian inventors and thinkers have contributed many things to society that we now take for granted.


  • The paper notepad. A Tasmanian stationary shop worker glued a stack of paper sheets together to create the first notepad. Really this seems like a blank book, but the idea was very useful.
  • Electric drill. An 1889 invention originally used for mining.
  • The fridge developed from an ice making machine first sold in 1854.
  • WiFi systems. These were impractical because of the signals echoing inside buildings. In 1992 the CSIRO realized that they could adapt some technology used for astronomy, and WiFi became practical.
  • Pacemaker- A 1926 invention from a Sydney hospital. It was a generation before they were wearable, let alone implantable, but they started back in the 1920s.
  • The first clapper board used for filmmakers.
  • The hoisting clothesline. An Adelaide invention from 1926.
  • Blackbox flight recorders. A 1958 Melbourne invention.
  • The Power-board. This was never patented, so it appears in many places.
  • Plastic lens for glasses. A 1960 invention that are extremely scratch proof and safe.
  • Baby safety capsule. 1984
  • The sampler- That device that records a sound and plays it back as a musical note. Invented by Fairlight (CMI) in Sydney 1971.
  • Product Activation system- to prevent the piracy of software packages.
  • Google Maps- the platform for this was developed by the Rasmussen brothers in Australia.
  • Quantum bit, needed if quantum computing is to become a reality. First built at NSW University in 2012



Purchasing any jewellery can be an involved process. Sometimes we don’t notice this if we are enjoying ourselves. At other times we find it stressful because of the importance we put on the jewellery or the event it is attached to. Having multiple options should help the process, and should help us find the particular piece that suits us. But sometimes there is agony in too much choice.


Engagement Ring Sydney CBD

There are many occasions where people purchase jewellery. One common to most people is during the time preceding a wedding. Wedding and engagement rings almost always include diamonds. They are hopefully a once in a lifetime purchase, and something the groom and bride will put considerable though into.


Wedding Rings Sydney City

Almost everybody purchasing a wedding or engagement ring is doing so for the first time. Yet many people have been anticipating the ring they want for their entire life. Often people have a simple idea for a design – a particular gemstone they like on a gold band. But they are unfamiliar with the different ways to mount the stone, or the many other design options available.


Diamond Rings Sydney City

Those intending to purchase a wedding or engagement ring would do well to familiarise themselves with all the options available. Twisted bands, halo settings, matching wedding rings, curved bands, engagement and wedding rings that fit together; these are all possibilities. It is terrible to feel afterwards that there was another option that might have been preferable. As the same time, there will always be more possibilities than we can expect to have.


Diamond Wholesale Sydney

The cost of a ready-made ring is always greater than the cost of the gemstone and other parts. The construction quality and craftsmanship is often quite high, but the mark-up is considerable. It is far more cost effective to choose a particularity good gemstone and have it set. Premade rings are a good indication of the different possibilities available. We recommend finding the type of designs you like, and having a ring made to suit your preferences.


Diamond Price Sydney City

Purchasing a wholesale diamond and having it set allows for a well-crafted ring to be made for about half the price of a similar retail ring.


We hear a lot about Ultra Violet light (UV) causing sunburn and eye problems. We should know to buy some decent quality Sunglasses and wear sunscreen. But we might be less aware of the useful side of UV light.


UV Light is very effective for disinfecting surfaces and purifying liquids. A few minutes exposure with the light will destroy the vast majority of germs. This is limited by how much of the surface the UV actually reaches. Small cavities may continue to harbour bacteria and germs if not effectively exposed to the UV light. Large particles in water may also cause issues as bacteria inside the particles are shielded from UV exposure.


House Cleaning Services

The UV wand has been popular for many years, usually to clean items like mattresses. As items like mattresses and some other large surfaces are difficult to wash (you cannot put them in the washing machine!) The UV light wand is often the only practical solution.  The only downside is the time taken. The house cleaner must expose the surface to UV light for several minutes in order for cleaning to be completely effective.


Office Cleaning Sydney

UV light Office Cleaning is similar to house cleaning. Areas prone to germs and similar issues will benefit greatly from a few minutes of UV light exposure. Sinks, food preparations surfaces, microwaves and fridges could all disinfected with a UV wand.


End of Lease Cleaning

We might tend to think of UV light as killing invisible bacteria rather than reducing obvious mess. As such, it would seem to be of little use for end of lease cleaning, where the point is to make the property look tidy. But UV light is useful for getting rid of many odours caused by germs and bacteria.  Getting rid of poor odours is important for a rental property.


House Cleaning Sydney

Ask you home cleaner about UV treatment for pillows, mattresses and any other surfaces that cannot be laundered in the traditional way.





A few famous dishes found at any Korean Restaurant Sydney:

Bibimbap (Mixed casserole) – A casserole cooked in a stone pot, with rice, assorted vegetable, meat and apparently always topped with an egg.


Seafood Pancake – This is somewhere between a pizza and an omelette, if you can imagine a pizza with the ingredients inside rather than on top. This is pan fired and highly recommended.


Barbecue Wraps – Thin barbecued strips of meat wrapped in lettuce, with a few condiments. It works with pork, chicken and beef. All the ingredients are familiar, but the combination is a little different.


Korean food will nearly always come with side dishes (Banchan).

  • Pickled Radish (Danmuji) – Actually bright yellow in colour. From the chija.
  • Mung Bean Sprouts (Sukjunamul) – These are marinated, but still crunchy.
  • Anchovies – Though we know anchovies are salty these are also sweetened with honey. Stir fired these are very good.
  • Seasoned Seaweed– This varies, but the salt toasted version is recommended.
  • Pajeon – Pancake omelette again, but as a side dish.
  • Kimchi- The fermented vegetable that became the national dish, this is unbelievably good for the immune system.


Korean Restaurant Sydney CBD

Try some familiar ingredients prepared in some unfamiliar ways at a local Korean restaurant.