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Every clean office should have:

Good lighting:

Natural lighting is best, especially if you can filter out the UV rays (UVA and UVB). We seem to be fully awake when we get the right amount of rest and the right amount of natural light during the daytime; this gets our circadian rhythm properly synchronized. Large windows with good tinting are highly recommended. Failing that, try plenty of artificial lighting that imitates the natural light spectrum. This gives the office and its workers a sense of energy. It also makes the office look cleaner.

Air Conditioning:

Clean air in the issue here. You don’t want to be breathing in anything unhealthy; sick days are in nobody’s best interest. But even without the direct health benefits the clean air just makes for a better working environment.

Negative Ion generator:

These were designed to lean the air by removing airborne particles. But they also seem to perk people up a bit. Many filtration units include this function. If not, stand-alone units are not too expensive to buy.

A Scanner:

In the old days paper accumulated faster than dust. This is less of an issue now that most correspondences are emails, and most work is done online. Nonetheless if you do get hardcopy work and documents it is best to store them digitally. This saves a lot of shelf space. Documents more than a year old (last year’s tax) can be kept this way.


A good chair and comfortable desk make all the difference. Try working without these and notice the difference. They last for many years, so find an office supply group that can find you something that works for you.

The Coffee and Accessories:

Caffeine may not be great in large doses; I would actually recommend decaf where possible. None-the-less a good supply of green tea, ginseng powder, hot chocolate a coffee machine and anything that provides some healthy energy or endurance is a positive for any office. The 60 seconds it takes to make a cup of coffee is more than compensated for by the increased productivity it inspires.

Office Cleaning Sydney

All offices should be kept clean. Productivity is affected by many things. An unclean office is both a hindrance to morale and an obstacle to finding anything. An unhygienic office will cause illnesses, almost certainly compromising productivity. Office cleaning keeps everything in full working order.

If you need office cleaning Sydney has several fine regular services.


Pipelines are an economical means of transporting liquids, gasses and some solids. Their initial installation, at least for long distances, tends to be expensive, but after setting up they are extremely cheap to use and maintain. This low maintenance cost is a further advantage in remote areas, or anywhere that access would be difficult or costly. Pipelines work steadily in the background with minimal environmental impact.

Pipe Cladding Materials

The one serious disadvantage of piping, their installation expense, has been largely reduced by modern materials and engineering innovations. Prefabricated piping can be produced at a lower cost than any custom made system, and has the advantages that it is designed to fit together and can be modified with minimal effort. Additionally, the individual fitting pieces of the system do not require welding, riveting, soldering or any other skilled form of joining; interlocking pieces are joined with steel bands. These steel band joins include straight piping sections, pipe cladding elbows, pipe cladding tees and all other pipe cladding materials.

These engineering advantages mean that piping is not only easier but also quicker to install, saving both time and labour costs.


hi car wash - car window tinting


Heat Reduction:  Been in a hot car in Summer? Nothing good about that situation! Tinting the windows means the car won’t be nearly as hot when you get in, and you won’t have to wait for the air conditioner to set things right. Even better, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard, meaning you save energy and money.

UV Protection: Do we need to tell you about what the Sun does to your skin? What about what it does to the car’s interior. Windows can block UV-B, but usually not UV-A; this is only partial protection. Remove the need to wear sunblock inside. Tint the windows and live with a little luxury.

Glare Reduction: It affects you visibility, and that is an issue when driving. Admittedly this is not too much of an issue, but even if it only makes the car slightly safer, isn’t it worth it.

Privacy: Prevent people seeing the valuables in the back seat, and reduce the risk of theft. Not a common problem if you keep possessions safely hidden, just another small benefit.

Preventing injury: If a normal window breaks it can split and spill into a thousand pieces. Safety glass is better in regards to this as the glass is far less likely to be sharp, but a broken window still means countless pieces of glass in your vehicle. The film of a tinted window will tend to hold the broken glass in one piece, which prevents it from hitting passengers and being lost in the car interior for the following weeks.

The right Tinting can just look great on your Car:  it depends on the colour of the paintwork and the style of car, but there’s a tine to suit every vehicle.

For car window tinting, Perth’s Hi Car is a great option.


It disheartening to spend more time cleaning than cooking or enjoying the food you prepared. Food that sticks to the pan is downright frustrating, especially if you have to spend time cleaning the pan every time you cook an egg. This is the reason non-stick pans were developed.

The problem with non-stick pans was the health effects. Teflon, the most common non-stick coating, was found to emit toxic fumes (PFOA) when heated too much. Admittedly this was only a risk at higher temperatures, and food could be expertly cooked at the moderate temperature recommended (under 425 Celsius). It’s just that anybody not aware of the safety precautions could easily suffer ill effects, and we get worried if we know there are toxic chemicals in the product. The fact that the lifespan of the coating was only a few years didn’t help the situation.

In truth, even non-stick cookware has its problems. Other metals can leak harmful substances into our food. The trick was to find a metal cooking surface (or coating) that wouldn’t react with the food.

Stonewell cookware and Stonewell pan

Stonewell cookware and Stonewell pans have the non-stick property without the health risks. As they last for decades they also turn out to be economical investments.

Flavorstone cookware set

Flavorstone utensils are also non-stick, with a different type of coating. Again, there are no health concerns and the products last for decades.


There are different advantages to different forms of hydronic heating. Different customers and situations may be better served with different choices.

Hydronic UnderFloor Heating

The concept is simple- Hot water is piped through the floor to heat the room. The result is efficient and successful; rooms can be kept at a pleasant temperature with lower heating costs than almost any other heating method.

The downside is that this system really should be installed while building the house. It is quite expensive to try and renovate an existing house in order to install water pipes through the concrete.

Electronic UnderFloor Heating

This has many of the advantages of floor heating – efficient heat with no drafts. It also has the advantage that is it easier to install, especially in a completed building.

A variation on this is the use of electronically heated mats. These are non-permanent and are more cost efficient than stand-alone heaters.

Wood Fired Boiler Hydronic Heating

The water in underfloor hydronics has to be heated before use. Using a wood fire to heat water is an old but popular method. The burning wood heater can be discreetly installed in a garage or basement, quietly supplying heated water; or more modern installations use a home fireplace that heats directly the room while also heating water for hydronic use. These home fireplaces have a pleasant nostalgic look.

Solar Hydronic Heating,

Solar power has been a popular option for water heating over the past generation. Using it for hydronic heating seems like the next logical step. Large quantities of water can be heated by the Sun, and used over the following days to heat the house.

Hydronic Boilers.

Most house boilers are a wet back boiler. These expose more water to the boiler, and prove more economical.

Pellet boilers are used for larger applications. There are very suitable for loads of 3.9Kwatts or more, and work efficiently near full capacity. They are usually too large for an average home and waste energy if working at lower capacity.



Some further discussion of education and selective school

One issue is tailoring the curriculum to suit each individual. This can be interpreted in two ways- altering the subjects themselves or altering how they are taught. The idea of altering how information is taught in order to accommodate the individual tends to get a lot of cautious support. Students would have the same goals and exams, only they would be prepared in different ways. Support is cautious however, as the resources required for this, the extra teachers and the different textbooks…etc., might be difficult to achieve in practice. The tailoring of the content of courses is less controversial; all high school students are given some subject choice. As long as essential courses such as language are taught to everybody the matter tends to be loosely agreed upon.

Part of the advantage of a selective school is that the curriculum can be catered to the level of the class; in this case the smarter students. But of course this is catering to a group, not the individual. Intelligent people are as diverse (perhaps more so) as any group of individuals. Nonetheless there is some advantage in being amongst other people of similar intelligence. Individuals come to recognize the diversity, and the exchange on information between individuals is beneficial.

As modern technology changes our lives elective school will also change. An online selective school in Australia has existed since 2010. This school, Xsel,1 is not only a selective school for students; it also selects its teachers on the same basis. This addresses one of the criticisms of previous selective institutions- that the students get the same teacher situation as any other school. This online institution will also cater its curriculum to individual students, at least partly addressing the complaint that selective school teach he same as all other institutions.


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Gia Hair Salon Sydney CBD

A Few Hair Myths, or Half Truths.

Lemon lightens hair

Well, it can lighten hair when left in the Sun. It’s just rather harsh, and you will probably have dry, tangled hair. There are better methods.

Pulling Out a Grey Hair Causes More to Grow

No really, though it might seem that way because your hair is slowly going grey. We wish more hair would grow by plucking; really, the other hairs are just fading.

Shaving Makes Hair Grow Back Thicker

Again, it only seems that way. There are two overlapping factors here – Hair on your body will slowly thicken to bristle over time; this happen whether you shave it or not. Eventually you will have thickish body hair no matter what you do, but once it reaches a certain point it won’t get any thicker. The other factor is that newly shaved hair has a solid end rather than a fine taper, so it looks thicker. That being said, hair removal creams seem to give thinner regrowth than shaving.

Cutting Hair Makes it Grow Faster

Again, a myth. You should keep it trimmed if the style requires it. A good diet and hair tonics can make hair grow faster, but cutting is not a factor.

Freshly Wash Hair for Styling.

Strangely, hair seems to hold treatments a little better when it is not quite clean. But it is no goog unclean. Hair that was washed a day ago seems the best option. Try washing it often with the absolute minimum in shampoo, keeping just enough natural oil to work well.

Brush 100 times before Bed.

Many generations ago women did this to get rid of excess oil. Now we have shampoo to do this in a much better way. Women used to wash with soap or detergents, and then have ways to compensate for this. Today we no longer need to fix the side effects of oil, we just need a decent shampoo.

Rinse In Vinegar for a Shine

Again, compensating for an earlier limitation. Older shampoos use to be alkaline; vinegar helped to neutralize this. Now shampoos is ph. balanced, so we don’t need to fix anything,

A Cold Rinse is Good for Shiny Hair

Actually this one seems to work. Cold air drying also seems to be good. This might be because the heat opens the pores to prevent more oil from being released; else it might be a myth.

Changing Shampoo will Prevent Tolerances

For hair this seems to be a myth. Your body will build up tolerances to some substances, but it will also require other in order to function correctly. Hair doesn’t seem to build tolerances to products, though caffeine shampoo just might change that.

Talk to your hair Styling Sydney CBD salon if you have any questions.


aaa cleaning - home cleaning

Some tip for getting rid of unpleasant odour.

Summer has its advantages- we can open the windows and air out the house. In winter we didn’t really have this option unless we wanted to re-heat the place afterwards. But opening the doors and windows means we can be rid of any odours, or at least reduce them temporarily. It you have a few unpleasant factors in the air, here’s a few ideas. Home cleaning is only partly effective if the house smells bad.

Cigarette Smoke

As if the health concerns weren’t bad enough the smell of tobacco persists for weeks. Carpets and curtains are notorious for this. Try baking soda on all affected areas, and leave it on for several hours (overnight). Vacuum it up with a HEPA equipped machine. If this doesn’t work, you might need to hire a carpet shampoo device.

Garbage disposal Sinks

Try vinegar or even oxygen bleach while the mechanism is running. Else, let it soak overnight if possible.

 Pet smells

Unfortunately this is an ongoing thing. The stains themselves can be helped by dry baking soda, or with baking soda mixed with vinegar. Make up a spray bottle with the right ingredients. Putting affected furniture in the Sun for a few hours can make all the difference, though fading fabric is an issue.

The smell will largely disappear if the cause is cleaned up each time. But if it does persist you may need an air filter or an ionizer.


These will be nauseating after a few years of use. I don’t know which I hate more, the smell of the thought of my eating utensils being in there.

Run the dishwasher through the usual cycle with white vinegar instead of detergent.


Musty drawers.

Try emptying draws and leaving them in the Sun for a day of two. Clean the clothes (or other contents) to make sure that isn’t the real problem and the leave some baking soda in the draws for a day or two. Latter add some moisture absorbing silica gel packets (the type that some with vitamins) to prevent moisture issues.


Fridge odour

First try removing any old food; it might not be the fridge itself. Then, after a thorough detergent wipe-down, leave some baking soda, a cut Spanish onion or some active charcoal somewhere inconspicuous – these rapidly soak up smells. Replace periodically.


Home cleaning can become more effective with these preventative measures









Signs Illawarra

What makes a good sign? Just getting the message across! You are communicating with few words, maybe none. If your sign can show who you are at a glance, then it’s a good sign.

If you already have a logo you might want to think about the best way to display it. Rigid signs, banners, posters, display stands and stickers are all good options, but car displays are proving very effective.

Vehicle Wrapping Illawarra

These are popular with both professional businesses and car enthusiasts. What better way to personalize a car than with a custom design. Any vehicle can look good, and people will assume the performance matches the appearance. Any home hobbyist or garage mechanic can make their pride and joy look an order of magnitude better with a personalized vehicle wrap.

Alternatively, a company business can use a vehicle wrap to produce a fleet of matching vehicles. This is the type of look that impresses people, a corporate identity that gets recognition. Even a single vehicle looks good with the company logo; and people assume there are more vehicles where that one came from.  And if you do have fleet of them in the company parking lot you will look and feel more professional than ever before.

Car Vinyl Wrap Illawarra

These are the later version of vehicle wraps. There used to be issues with air bubbles under the plastic, or covering any contoured surfaces. Modern design has all but removed these issues.  If you have company cars you can make them look professional and simultaneously use them for advertising. Any design that works can be put on your vehicle. Take your business step ahead.