Our Native - Policosanol

Cholesterol still has a bad name, though not as bad as it did before the distinction was drawn between good and bad cholesterol. The confusion is understandable; cholesterol is a part of our body essential functioning; we need it to live. At the same time we know that bad cholesterol raises our risk of serious health problems, such as strokes, heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Lipoproteins are often mentioned in the same articles as cholesterol; they carry cholesterol through the bloodstream. LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) delivers much needed cholesterol to every cell in the body; HDL (High density Lipoprotein) picks up excess cholesterol which is stored or disposed of via the liver.  We can see the advantage of HDL as it keeps cholesterol from becoming excess.

There are potential problems with LDL, however – it easily becomes oxidised in the blood by free radicals. It is this oxidised substance that forms the plaque on artery walls. This plaque not only accumulates, it changes the artery wall itself. The stroke, heart attacks and blood pressure risks all stem from this.


The best approach for dealing with cholesterol is a combination of using antioxidants (vitamin E, C lipoic acid) to prevent oxidation of the LDL that is in your body, and reducing the total LDL by use of Policosanol.


Policosanol has little, if anything, in the way of side effects, and works very well even in small doses. Being derived from sugar cane is it fairly unprocessed; it is not artificially created like some drugs. It seems to restore healthy function rather than artificially induce a change; it seems your body will deal with cholesterol in a natural way when using policosanol.


An antioxidant rich diet, consisting of a variety of vegetables, fruit and tea, will make a considerable difference to both cholesterol levels and health in general. Combining natural foods such as these with Policonsanol will increase the effectiveness of both approaches.


Dr Decal Mr Hyde – Popular Decals


The most popular places for decals are:

  • Plastic models decals- Planes, model trains and automobiles.
  • Music instruments and their cases – guitar decals with musical or animated images.
  • Windows- anything image works here. And it’s safer because we know there is glass.
  • Pottery – actually, this is where decals started.
  • Cupboards walls and baby rooms. Alphabet learning or cartoon characters.
  • Cars – why not let the exterior reflect your inner fantasy. Or show there is a child on board.

The Most popular decals to use:

  • Cartoon images – there’s a million characters, you are bound to identify with one.
  • Quotes from any source. Remind yourself of your mission statement, or be comical.
  • Realistic waterslide decals for model kits.
  • Any cultural icon, real or fictional; Che Guevara to the Simpsons
  • Flowers, birds, bears or anything cute
  • Landmarks – from the Eiffel tower Stonehenge.
  • Famous paintings
  • Religious symbols
  • Geometric patterns

Modern printing services can provide customer decals in any form. Any image that can be shown on a computer screen can be printed in inkjet decal paper or waterslide decal paper.

Eyelash Extension Training, Sydney

5n2 Eyelash Extension Training, sydney

Semi-permanent eyelashes have proved very popular over the last generation. There have always been many women who wanted longer and fuller eyelashes. For many years this was only possible through daily application of lashes to the upper eyelid. Now artificial lashes can be permanently attached to the natural lash, giving results that last up to 8 weeks.

Eyelash extension training can be provided to those who already have substantial background with professional cosmetics and eyelash augmentation. Correct training is essential due to the complex nature of eyelash application – safety and hygiene concerns are major factor, and good results require good application technique.

Eyelash extension training avoids a lot on unnecessary trial and error, and prevents potential accidents. Procedures are not complex once they are learnt, and they help achieve the best results.

For eyelash extension training, Sydney based 5n2 run half day classes.


Plan B Shuttle

plan b




Plan B Shuttle

无论您是计划家庭旅游,还是商务出差都请使用悉尼机场的接送服务。我司为您提供悉尼机场专线巴士接送服务,也可为您定制上门接送机服务,使您真做到旅行无忧。使用悉尼机场接送机服务,您不用再为机场无人接送而担忧,您也不用再为机场停车难而烦恼。您去旅行,我们的悉尼机场送机服务为您安全送行。您旅行归来,我们的悉尼机场接机服务将您平安送回家。我司所提供的悉尼机场接送机服务,安全亲切,干净舒适,服务周到,使您可以真正享受旅游的乐趣。 悉尼机场的接送机服务是您出门旅游的最佳选择。使用悉尼机场接送机服务让您真正做到旅行无忧。

Dentist Sydney – A few Myths


dentist sydney - a few myths

Soda will dissolve a tooth overnight

An exaggeration, but still a concern. Soda has similar amounts of acid and sugar to many fruit juices and sports drinks. None of these things will literally dissolve a tooth in a short period of time, but they will cause serious decay. Rinse with water, and brush your teeth 30 minutes later to reduce the effects of acid and sugar.

Wisdom Teeth have no use

Our wisdom teeth come through later in lie, usually after the age of twenty. Given the pain they cause, and the fact they often don’t fit in our mouths we can understand why people find them annoying. But they once served to replace other teeth that wore out. And it now seems they will be a future source of stem cells. Though often painful they look to have their uses.

Cosmetic dentistry is just to look good.

There is no simple line between form and function. Things that look neat and tidy tend to work well, though this is not an absolute. Many procedures are performed to make the mouth look attractive, but at the very least they encourage people to look after their teeth; and the teeth will be easier to clean as well. Most procedures concentrate on health, with improved appearance being a side effect.

Orthodontics is just for appearance.

As with cosmetic dentistry there is no simple dividing line here. Orthodontics aims at improving the alignment of the jaw, the spacing of the teeth and giving a patient an even bite. When this is done the patient has a better functioning mouth; it often gives them a better smile as a side-effect.

Don’t be afraid to visit a cosmetic dentist, Sydney has many fine dental facilities. Even if you are only looking to improve your dental appearance you will probably be benefiting your health as well.

For those seeking Dental care Sydney has some fine practitioners. Dental health is a great investment; few other things are with you every moment of your life.


Good quality Korean Ginseng improves our health in many ways, both mental and physical. As an adaptogen it improves our immune system; as a source or energy it provides steady, longer acting endurance rather than a fast (but short lived) boost. Other beneficial substances that might be used with Ginseng include:

Guarana:  a red fruit that contains caffeine in its seeds. However, it is superior to regular caffeine because it also contains theophylline and theobromine, which prevent the caffeine’s over-stimulating effect. This combination proves effective for those wanting a longer term energy boost that won’t cause anxiety.

Green tea and any other tea that contains theanine are useful for concentration. Like the combination in Guarana the caffeine and theanine complement each other to produce focus and concentration rather than jittery energy. Ideally there should be two parts theanine to one part caffeine (scientific studies and opinions vary); though natural teas tend to have this ratio reversed. Supplementing some extra theanine might be the best option.

Cacao powder is an unrefined version of cocoa powder, the main ingredient of chocolate. While regular chocolate does have a few health benefits this raw version is far superior, being an antioxidant, a good source of nutrients and a solid source of energy. Research shows that it is best consumed without dairy, which inhibits absorption.

Lion’s mane Mushroom: A fungus that seems to benefit concentration, immunity and memory. It also seems to benefit curiosity and wellbeing, making it a great treatment for depression.

It is best to avoid artificial energy sources such as carbonated energy drinks, even as a few of the ingredients of these drinks can be beneficial. It is usually best to try the natural sources of these beneficial substances, avoiding the processing and additives that many well compromise heath.

Sometimes it can be tricky to differentiate between supplements, drugs and additives. A reasonable guide Is to think about healthy living rather than forcing any improvement. Anything that gets us closer to optimal performance is usually a good thing; anything that pushes us too hard, that substitutes for a good night sleep rather than allowing for it, tends to be bad, at least if used more than occasionally. Good nutrition, good sleep and some reliable natural supplements make for a better and more enjoyable lifestyle. The idea is to be more fully human, and not fool ourselves into thinking we are more than human.


We tend to employ professional cleaners for two reasons:

  • We lack the time to do all the cleaning ourselves; even enjoyable lifestyles are busy.
  • We now the professionals achieve optimal results.

Part of the reason why professionals get the best results is due to the equipment they use. Industrial strength vacuums are designed to operate all day, and their powerful motors pick up more dirt than conventional models. They can also filter out 99% of the dust and allergens in the carpet. Conventional model vacuums usually don’t have HEPA filters, which remove very fine particles from the carpet and air. Professional cleaners remove these fine particles and prevent them from circulating in the air. This filtering of allergens and other material is a great health benefit; we no longer breathe in harmful particles. Individuals suffering from asthma, hay fever or any allergies can greatly benefit from professional and thorough cleaning.

Professionals also use steam cleaning. This is usually only necessary every six months, but it dramatically improves the condition and life of the carpet. It is possible to hire steam cleaning equipment, but it is more effective to include steam treatment in a professional cleaning service. There are professional techniques to steam cleaning, and carpets are often given a chemical treatment afterward. The results of these services speak for themselves.

Ask about treatments that extend the life of your carpet. Some of these treatments, like Scotchgard, can be applied when the carpet is first laid and will last indefinitely. Other treatments must be reapplied after each steam cleaning, about every six months. All treatments extend the life of your carpet and resit stains, making them very cost effective.



The best Wedding Makeup is helped by healthy skin. A little advice:


Clean water is good for health in general, and your skin shows this. On the wedding day itself you might prefer to cut back for obvious reasons. Strangely, absolutely pure water causes problems by flushing our essential trace elements from our bodies.


Something we all should have started doing years ago. Sun exposure ages you, and the effects are cumulative. Tanning salons that use UV light are also bad, but at least the exposure is a controlled amount and usually confined to UVA. UVA will give you a tan but also slowly age your appearance. UVB simply causes sunburn.

There are countless types of sunscreens and makeups that include sunscreen. Experiment and find what suits you. Natural zinc products appear to be very good, and as zinc is needed by our body there is no problem if some gets into our skin.  Older sunscreen products were once quite visible on the skin, but this is hardly an issue today. We recommend SPF30 or more.

Contents of a container are usually effective for about two years after opening, discard after this time.


There are a thousand different hats and types of sunglasses on the market; nobody has an excuse for not finding one that suits them. Make sure sunglasses protect against UVA and UVB, and make them your constant companion outdoors.


Nothing new here, except that every year there is another health issue related to smoking. Smoking ages your skin, causes all sorts of issues and has no real positive side. Give it up.


Use morning and night, waiting at least 10 minutes before applying makeup. If you have mixed skin, get advice on where to and where not to apply it. Under the eye, near the bridge of your nose, application is advisable for everybody.

Some moisturizes work well when applied in the shower. Do some research.

Avoid soaps, most will de-moisturise you. A moisturising soap is preferable.


Exfoliating is usually recommended once a week. There are commercial products or DIY home remedies found by searching the net. Some people find baking soda and lemon juice does wonders.


Black circles and puffy eyes defeat the whole purpose of a beauty regime, so remove makeup before bed. Any attempts to cover this up with more makeup will be of limited success. Start each day with a clean face and a better night’s sleep by removing makeup before retiring for the night.


There is a lot of contradictory advice and there will always be fads, but at the same time our grandparent’s advice tended to be good. Avoid processes food and eat plenty of vegetables, nuts and fruit.

If your skin looks better for making the effort, then consider retaining all the good habits.

For Wedding Makeup Sydney based Jinny make up is highly recommended.