You’ll want to get some perspective here. The wedding day is the event; the wedding photos are your record of the event. You don’t want the photographic process to interfere with the day’s festivities, or compromise it in any way, but as the photos will be lasting for many years to come you will want them to turn out as well as possible.



The best wedding photographer knows how to capture both the photos of the ceremony without getting in the way, sometimes without even being noticed.  They should also know how to capture those posed wedding photos of families and guests, hopefully making them look natural in the process. Much of the best wedding photography combines these practices into coherent wedding photography packages.



The photos don’t stand alone. Our lives are a series of events, and the images for your wedding day are part of a narrative. An album of wedding photos, bound and presentable, captures this like no single image could. We produce these albums, as well as the framed portraits that also serve to capture the emotion of the day. Your relationship is worth it, capture your day in a way that you’ll be proud of.



If you value your special day you would do well to consider wedding videos. Wedding video packages are often added onto the best wedding photography. Having one professional company provide both services can save money, and the best wedding videographer sometimes edit still images into the wedding movies as transitions.


A professional videographer works well with wedding photographer to discretely capture your day. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced eye for editing the result are always impressive, capturing not only the important moments but how it fit together and reflects the whole day.


Wedding videography is an art in itself, but the result is a movie you will want to show off. Capture your wedding day with photos and video, and always remember where the relationship started.


Light Heart wedding is your first choice of a Sydney Wedding photographer and videographer.

Tyre Development

The invention of the wheel was obviously so long ago that nobody can trace it. The rubber tyre, by contrast, can be traced back to two historical events. In 1888 John Boyd Dunlop made an inflatable rubber tyre for a child’s tricycle, found that it was effective and pursued an interest in using rubber tyres for bicycles and light transport. He had trouble later when his patent on the idea was declared invalid; an earlier inventor named Robert William Thomson had had a similar idea in 1846, had produced a leather and rubber tyre and successfully used it with a horse drawn carriage. Unfortunalty, the idea had been held back by the lack of suitably thin rubber.

Vulcanization of rubber, which was discovered in the 1840s only just before Thomson’s tyre, proved invaluable for tyres. Prior to this all rubber was sticky and easily deformed. Vulcanized rubber, which has had sulphur or other substances added during a heating process, contains multiple cross-links in its chemical structure. It can be moulded into various shapes, and though it is flexible it will return to its moulded when stress is removed. The tyres used for heavy vehicles, which require considerable durability and load bearing qualities, required vulcanized rubber; without this process tyres would have been limited to bicycles and light vehicles.

By the 1920’s synthetic rubber had been invented, and within a few years the rising price of natural rubber made synthetic alternatives an increasingly viable alternative. Synthetic rubber had an additional advantage is how it could be custom made to suit various applications; natural rubber could be modified, but only to a limited degree.

The idea for radial tires, where the supporting plies in the tyre are arranged across the tyre at an angle 90degrees from the angle of travel, was patented in 1915, but it was not till the mid-1940s that practical manufacture proved feasible. Nonetheless, the superiority of these tyres was recognized, their only slight disadvantage being the change they gave to the suspension and handling of a car. Modifying the car’s suspension reduced this effect while still retaining the tyre’s superior performance. Radial tyres gave less internal friction, reducing wear and allowing improved fuel economy.

Improved car and tyre performance goes hand in hand with improved brake performance. ICER Oceania produce brake pads for all makes of cars including European and other foreign makes.




Massage Benefits and side Effects

Benefits are the whole reason for doing anything.

For acupuncture they include:

  • Lower stress
  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Better digestion

Side effects are things that were not intended, but appear anyway. Some are pleasant, some are nor pleasant but are insignificant compared to the real benefits.

  • Healing crisis. The symptoms get worse before they get better. This occurs in many areas of life. Confused and depressed patients initially feel more depressed as their confusion lifts, but become less depressed as the increasing clarity allows them to sort things out. Frozen or cramped muscles feel painful when they come back into action, but this is a sign that the bod is moving again.
  • Fatigue: Feeling ‘wiped out’ after an acupuncture session is a sign that you already need rest. After a good night’s rest you will feel better than you did prior to treatment.
  • Muscle spasm: sometime a muscle will twitch after or during an acupuncture session, even if that muscle wasn’t being treated. This doesn’t appear to pose any threat.
  • Light-headedness. Rather rare, but not unpleasant. Eating before the treatment will all but prevent this. As long as you don’t drive this shouldn’t pose a problem.
  • Emotional release. Actually this is part of the aim of the treatment, not a side-effect. If you experience an emotional release it is because you needed it. The penned up emotion was affecting you, even as you did not know it. It should not be as much of a problem after that.

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