Ivy Wedding Photographer

Events at the Ivy is quite an up marketed venue in Sydney. The events here are typically for formal occasions. Especially at night, it is important to find experienced photographers that are able to handle these conditions and produce quality imaging of the event. Splendid Photography has a wide portfolio offering professional services for weddings. Their experience and equipment will suit any photographic requirements and wedding agenda. When considering a wedding photographer at Ivy, Splendid Photography also offer video services separate from still images, which is a huge advantage for capturing precious moments.

Australia a highly rated place to live

Many factors affect the quality of one’s lifestyle; living in a good place is surely one of them. More than a few survey and economic studies over the past few years have rated Australia exceptionally highly. There were several factors examined:

Life expectancy in Australia was second only to Japan, at least in one study. USA citizens can expect to live to 77, UK to 79; New Zealand and Australia citizens’ average 80 and 81 and 1/2 respectively. We tend to associate a longer life with a more content one. But even if this association is unfounded a longer life does tend to indicate a healthier type of living.

When asked in a survey 75% of Australians said they were happy with their lives, as did 77% of New Zealanders. The OECD world average was only 59%; the USA and UK reported about 69%.

Wages in Australia were similar to the UK at about $US27,039, but less than the USA with $US37,000. There appears to be less of a distribution between rich and poor in Australia than in many other industrialize nations.

Employment, education, environment, and governance were all factors in the study. Australia had a respectable 72% employment rate, well above the global estimate of 65%. Education, environment and governance were also rated quite well.

Supporting these ideas was a rating of different cities to live in. In 2012 Australia had 4 cities in the world’s top ten, including Melbourne at number one. The accompanying article there was little separating the high ranking of Australia’s top cities; all benefitted from low population density and well invested infrastructures. Melbourne has steadily maintained this number one place for 2015, with three other Australian cites in the top 10.

The popularity of Australian cities like Melbourne may cause problems with future living conditions and rankings. Immigration into Sydney and Melbourne means rising populations that have to be dealt with by infrastructure, services and employment expansion. If the population increase is steady the appropriate changes can be made. While there may well be limits the increasing population may well be the source of the necessary increase in services. It is easy to forget that more members of society means more people to provide services and infrastructure improvement. New individuals will use resources, but they can also make a significant contribution.

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Budget Changes from Earlier This Year.

If you’re running a small business, something under $2 million a year, you can claim back purchases under $20, 000. Previously this threshold was set at $1000. The usefulness of this varies. If you are a trade-worker deducting tools or a café owner buying a new coffee machine the new threshold will be useful. If you are setting up something major, however, it can still be an issue. A work vehicle is unlikely to come under $20 000, even though this is a feasible purchase for any business. Industrial items over $20 000 suffer a similar fate. However, an expensive item can still be deducted over a period of several years.

What most people miss is the fact there is no limit to the number of $20 000 items deducted. It isn’t a total of $20 000 for all the items together, you can deduct as many under $20 000 items as you like. As such, it might be a good time to stock up.  It might be a good time to start a small business.

As the tax rate for this small business group also falls from 30% to 28.5 % there is an increased benefit. This is the lowest small business tax in a generation. Sole traders will have some further benefits, with a 5% tax discount up to $1000.oo

As more than 95% of businesses in Australia fall under the $2 million threshold, making them eligible as small businesses, this will benefit a lot of companies. We hope it doesn’t discourage anybody from expanding their operation above the $2 million threshold.

The program looks to stay in place until the end of the 2017 financial year.




Some Pre-history of the Mobile Phone

In 1949 there was a group called MTS, Mobile Telephone Service, in the USA. They had about 500 customers who paided a day’s earning to use a portable (mobile) telephone weighing 36kg. There were only three channels available (i.e.: three calls possible at the same time) and the system was simplex – customers pressed a button to speak and released it to listen. Each call required an operator to set things up.

A 1965 company called Improved Mobile Telephone service managed to expand the system, but dispite great demand they were leagally limited to 40,000 customers. It usually took half an hour to place a call. A rival company called RCC also existed, but with its own limitations.

The first hand held mobile appeared in 1973. These were almost a foot long and weighed over a kilo, but much smaller than previous mobiles that were usually kept in a car. Talk time was 30 minutes and charge time was about 10 hours.

The 1G cellular mobile phone network become operational in Japan in 1979, covering the whole country by 1981. The concept of using hexagonal cells goes back to Bell labs in 1947, but it took thirty years before the concept was implemented. The Cellular system was running in the USE by 1983 and Australia by 1987. These systems did use some digital features, but were basically analogue. The mobile phones of this era, like the Motorola dynaTAC, still only had a little over half hour talk time and required 10 hours for charging.

Digital systems came in during the 1990’s this allowed smaller phones with better battery life. These digital systems had far more cell-sites, meaning more base stations and hence a shorter distance broadcast distance between the mobile to the main telephone system. All this helped battery life. Text messaging started to become common by the mid to late 1990s. Internet connections appeared in 1999.

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Cakes for all Occasions

Cake art and dessert art has become increasingly popular in the last decade. More and more cake companies are starting to implement innovative designs into their cake using fondant. Sweet Olivia designs cakes for a variety of events including weddings, birthdays and special occasions. Amongst cakes Sweet Olivia also makes macarons, cookies and conducts sugar art classes. With Wedding Cakes in particular, Sweet Olivia offers a wide variety of designs including their rose theme, pearl theme and spring garden theme, Cakes usually take 4 to 5 weeks to conceptualise and develop.

External house painting tips. Sydney.

An external paint job can totally change the appearance of your house, and while it takes some effort it is far less expensive of time consuming than any other remodelling project. Alternately, rather than change the look a paint job can restore a house to an earlier, newer look. Either way, regular painting protects your house from the external elements and keeps your investment in better condition.

A thorough washing is the first step in any paint job. A dirty, let alone greasy, surface will cause no end of problems when applying paint. Professionals often use high pressure sprays, which are highly effective, but require a certain amount of skill; broken windows are but one potential hazard with high pressure systems. A scrubbing brush is an equally effective, if somewhat more labour intensive method.

Before washing and painting the outer house walls any plants should be protected with drop cloths. The plant and surrounding soil should be well watered, then covered with a fabric cloth; do not use plastic coverings on plants as with will overheat them.

The previous external paint must be sanded before the new paint is applied. Always use a face mask to prevent inhalation of paint dust, and use tarpaulins to catch dust and debris for proper disposal. If your house contains lead paint as many pre-1980 buildings did, always have the job professionally done; lead paint is highly toxic and must be handled in a safe manner. A device called paintshaver collects the dust as it sands, though these devices are expensive.

Primers are used to prepare the surface for the new paint. These primers can be painted over bare wood, older paint or various fillers used to repair the surface. If the previous painted surface is still reasonable you can skip primer, though many professionals believe it makes for a better end result. One school of thought chooses a primer of a similar colour as the final paint job, another prefers a contrast to show if a spot has been missed. If there is any metal to be painted, like nail heads, it is best to coat them a metal primer lest rust later bleeds through to the painted surface. Wood requires wooden primer, modern versions of which can be water based.

If there are joints and gaps in the wood they need to be caulked. Straight silicon will never really paint properly, so use siliconized acrylics instead. More expensive caulking options will last longer than cheaper ones.

After choosing the final colour for the house find the appropriate acrylic latex based paint. Oil based paints have been mostly replaced by modern acrylics which perform better, retaining some flexibility and resist cracking with age. They also work well over water based primers. If you are painting any metal work you will need oil based paint. Oil based paint is also useful for floors and stairs that receive a lot of wear.

When painting, start at the top and work downward. Always work in the shade, out of the Sun’s glare (you can plan you day around where the sun will be at any time), and keep an eye on the weather. Fast dropping temperatures and rain will ruin a paint job very quickly. Do two coats of paint for the best results.

Due to safety issues such as correct disposal of old lead paint it is often best to let professional painter restore and paint houses. Talk to Tiger Painting, Sydney, for any concerns or painting needs.



Questions to consider with interior decorating

1 – What do you like about the present room(s)?

This is mostly to figure out what your taste in decorating is. Like many things your taste has to be discovered rather than invented. Occasionally you find nothing you presently like in the room; try looking at rooms you do like, or at least aspects of rooms you like. Is there something you want to put at the centre (literally or metaphorically) and decorate around? Is the room designed around the dinning set, the piano, the painting on the wall, the view through the windows? Start here and work around the ideas.

2 – What don’t you like?

That almost always comes after the previous question. Try to look at this long term. Some permanent renovations are occasionally necessary if there’s a limit in the design of the room; most other things can simply be moved out.

3- What colours do you like?

And of course, what do you dislike? Can you get the whole room to work in these colours? Repainting is one issue, the room contents and arrangement another. If the room fits around a central object you will find this will greatly influence your choice of colours.

4 – Once you have decided on colours you need to ask whether natural lighting is a factor.

If you have natural lighting during the day and artificial lighting at night you may find the room completely changes its appearance. This can often be rectified by using eggshell/matt paint. Walls painted with these paints have less colour change when the light varies. You can almost always have the same pigment paint in a different finish. The situation can be further helped by using electric lights that imitate natural sunshine. If you have blinds then questions about natural lighting and electric lighting are important; rooms change appearance when the blind goes up or down.

5- Do you have a style that has always appealed to you?

This is an overall aesthetic question, and often a room can be designed in a certain style while still fitting in with a central object. But remember to look at this long term. Novelty items that catch your fancy might be a bit annoying in a year’s time. Else, they might be kitsch. If you have loved a certain idea, theme or pop culture item since childhood you might well find it retains its appeal. If you are worried it is best to lean towards a more conservative approach.

6 – The function of the room is also important.

Technology like televisions and Hi-fis can be less conspicuous than what they were a generation ago, so no longer need to determine the décor, though they are still a factor. It is now possible to have a dining room with a projector that turns the space into a home theatre. A blind on a window can adequately change a space from sunroom to something suitable for viewing films. Multi-function is now quite common.

7 – Special needs.

If there are children, old pensioners of someone in a wheelchair you will need to consider these things. Using laminated floor and stain resistant paints can make all the difference to the upkeep of the room, but if they keep the same colour scheme as previously planned they need not later the overall effect very much.

8 – Budget and time.

Budget is always an issue, even for millionaires. If you don’t have the money don’t overextend yourself. Remember, you can do things in stages. And while we never what anybody to skim on quality there are always cheaper alternatives. Second-hand good or DIY can give a perfectly fine result; you end up spending time and effort rather than money, but for some people this is the better option.

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